The most terrifying dream I have ever had


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So this dream happened after I had got out of a 3 year relationship that involved a lot of commitment and strength through hard times. We had a very good bond together and the aftermath of the breakup did not treat me well for a while.

I remember laying in my bed alone and going to sleep upset wishing that my ex was still laying beside me. When my dream started I dreamed that I was awake. My bed is positioned directly in front of my door so when I’m laying in bed I’m starring at my door directly infront of me. In my dream my door had become a glass door (like the art you see at a church on the glass windows with many different colored pieces). I remember seeing a bright light outside my door shining through the glass. Shortly after, the door opened and all I could see was a dark figure. This dark figure that opened the door was exactly the same outline as my ex. The same height, same hair, everything. I remember saying her name and asking if that was her because it was just a shadow and I couldn’t see the face. The shadow of her slowly climbed on top of me as I laid in my bed and it hugged me right around my back completely. I could literally feel a physical touch and I even wrapped my arms around what I thought was to be her. I swear to this day that I could literally feel her hair. I said her name again and it even replied back with my name and it was exactly her voice. I was so convinced that it was her. After we laid there holding each other I remember the body get up and when I saw the face of what I hugged it was the most terrifying thing I have ever seen to this day. It was as if the face of what I was hugging exploded with light beams like in the show supernatural. I remember waking up into a literal scream because of how terrified I was. In my dream I was so sure that it was her. It felt like her, looked like her body, sounded like her, everything… I don’t dream a lot but when I do some of them feel so real. Sometimes I swear that I can feel a physical being touching me or hear them too. I would love to hear if anyone has explanations for this?