The Ocean is in the living room!


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In the dream we are heading to my relative's house for a family meeting. It's my grandma's house though a dream on not the real thing.

Anyway we cross half the desert to get there and I greet all the guests. Things are as boring and awkward like a normal family meeting.

That's when it happens. The Ocean washes in from the side guest room into the living room. This isn't a little water tickling in but tidal waves crashing through!

I figured a portal to the ocean opened and asked about the guests. My number one concern was my 5 year old nephew but he was out of there before it happened so he was fine. One of my uncles was standing there as a show of courage against the waves but when we called out to him I guess he had proved it so came back.

It happened then. When the waves calmed down my mom made a dash for the landline to call help in closing the portal. The landline on the far end of the room next to the old fashioned TV cupboard.

As she was talking the next wave came slamming her into the hard wood. It was just blood, blood was everywhere and I could see her head injury.

I lost it. Didn't even wait for the waters to calm down and just jumped in and swam to her. Picked her up and using the office chair in the room wheeled her out.

All while the bozos in the door stood there gawking and doing nothing to help. Even when I went past them I had to shout to get anyone to get the first aid kit. The turned their backs and pretended not to see as I wheeled her away looking for a place to patch her up and check for signs of concussion until the ambulance came.
Maybe it's your ability or intuition to just get on with it, when some crisis occurs.
You don't give it a second thought, you just become proactive.
Everyone else just goes on ignore or doesn't respond.


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I discovered recently that I'm good under pressure. My body responds faster than my brain...

Also I decided I don't want kids. They are walking emergencies just waiting to happen. That nephew and his sister gave me my first white hair and I only see them once a week!