The presence of someone lingers after the recurring dream. Interpretation help please


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Hi all,

I'm posting this on behalf of my mum. She keeps having these awful nightmares that leave her screaming at the top of her lungs in the middle of the night. I was wondering if anyone on here could help give an or interpretation on this dream? Or any solutions you could possibly have to make them stop? Here's the dream as she described to me:

- Someone lies next to her, pressing her back or pulling her towards the figure. She starts screaming in her dream and when she finally awakens, she can still feel the presence of the figure.

- She mentions that she feels like it's a young, male figure. She hasn't seen him, but that's her gut feeling when she feels the figure around.

- One time the figure occurred in her dream as some kind of alien figure, pressing on her legs and feet. In this dream, she could hear the alien hissing and clicking.

- The same dream usually occur at 11pm or 1-2am.

If anyone has any idea what this dream could mean or any advice on how to get them to stop, please let me know. Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much!
Does your mum know who the person is, or does she think she know who it could be?
im no psychologist, however, i would like to ask, did something happen in her childhood?
and im not suggesting or implying any abuse.
perhaps something happened to your mum, unexpected, which is causing this to occur in her sleep.
surely this is not occurring randomly or spontaneously.


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Thanks for replying. Yes, unfortunately, my mum was abused during her childhood. She's had a very rough childhood and life hasn't been kind to her. Right now, we've been struggling with our finances and it's been hard for her to get work. She often tells me that she feels like a failure. I try to comfort her but I know deep down she still feels this way. Could this be the reason for her dreams?

My mum doesn't know this person at all. These dreams only started when we moved into our new apartment. It's a very old building. She's not a stranger to bad dreams, but I think this is the first time she's had this same dream over and over again. This has also been the first time she's told me that she feels the presence linger after she wakes up.


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Hi, sorry for the late reply.

She said she's forgiven her familial abuse but the other, I don't think she has. Honestly, I don't bring it up with her because I know it's a very painful subject for her. Do you think that's what these dreams could mean?