The Real Mother?

I meet my, “real mother.” She tells me that my father had an affair while married to her, and that the family broke up. The children had to go into foster care. My "real mother "has reddish hair and looks a lot like me. An almost twin. She is also unbalanced and begins to drive me crazy. She talks to me about two men that I am dating. I am trying to get on a train. Two kind men help me, repairing some of my things. Then, I am to take another trip. I realize I don’t have to take the train, but I am not sure where I am going. To someone’s house.
(This dream has nothing to do with my waking reality or my known past.)

Any thoughts?


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In this dream, encountering your "real mother" and the subsequent turmoil reflects an exploration of your inner self and unresolved feelings about identity and belonging.
  • The revelation of a broken family and the chaos that ensues symbolizes the process of reconciling different aspects of your personality that you may find troubling or unsettling.
  • The kind men assisting you signify supportive forces in your life, helping you navigate complex emotional repairs.
  • Opting out of the train journey indicates a significant realization: you can choose your path rather than following a predetermined route.
This dream highlights a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, emphasizing your autonomy in shaping your future.