The recurring dream we all know and hate: need to pee


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I believe everyone has this kind of dream now and then. Mine often has the following elements:

I really need to pee, or on rare occasions poo. I am almost always in a public building, youth hostel, sports club etc. where there are more than enough stalls, but none of them I can use: the toilet is broken or clogged, the stall is too small, the door of the stall is gone/won't close properly, there is a spider in the stall [I have arachnaphobia] and, obviously, the one stall that is perfectly fine is always occupied. It even happens sometimes that I wait for the other person to finish, but when that happens I somehow always get distracted right as the other person leaves the stall and someone else cuts in front of me.
If I can find a useable toilet, it is in a larger room that isn't private and just as I am about to use it, someone else comes in.

I'm curious to know if these are common elements or are your dreams different? Share your "need to pee" dreams here!