The Sandman


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I met the sandman in several of my dreams. I woud very much like help analising these connected dreams. Even more so, has anyone had a similar experience to mine?

42. Dreamstation
I start off knowing already that i am dreaming, instead of realising it while i am dreaming. I am not the only one dreaming lucid however, my whole family is dreaming lucid, and they are with me. We are standing in a maze like weat field, some black trees without leaves are nearby and in the distance, large trees. It is Nighttime, and tausands of People are going along the maze with closed eyes. I know that they are dreamers, i know it in the way you know things in dreams, I just do. They are walking along the straight and narrow path, that tell them where they can go, and where they cannot go. We can only stay for a few minutes, until the lucid dream morphs into a normal one. We are riding bicicles in a Forest, and my brother remarks how it is so obvious that we are dreaming, because the trees dont look at all convincing.

43. I wrote a story
In my dream, I wrote a story. I was tiping actual words on a typewriter. I was writing about the Sandman. He had parents, and siblings. He and his siblings were still babys, running around naked on an apple green meadow. They were running before a cave. Morpheus was having a fight with his siblings. There were four or six of them, I am not sure. They were chasing each other. His siblings were all gods, but they all were still in theyre infant stages. I remember that he had a sister, who i am pretty sure was death itself. I dont remember what she was the god of. He also had a brother, who i think he chased, he represented some kind of human feeling, maybe fear. I am not sure.
The next dream woud be in my second dream journal, so dont mind the numbering, it was after 42. This woud be my first real encounter with Morpheus.

13. Stories
I was part of the scooby doo live action crew, i think, maybe i was enola homes, or i was velma or the purple one, it does not really matter, someone was doing an interview with me. He makes me look bad. I get visited by the Sandman. He takes me to his cave where he lives. He has dream catchers made out of angel feathers hanging there, and tells me that he cant put them down because, "Angelblood is poison." He shows me his Library. He says, "I dont want to do anything else anymore, but to read. I dont want to go outside anymore. Do you know what I have learned? I have learned, that when you say a story is true, even if it isnt, the story will be better."

32. Visiting the balcony and the dreambrand
I was standing on the balcony with Morpheus, and other gods as well, wich i cant remember. There exists a sort of dreambrand, and everything in dreams is part of it. Everything in dreams has this little sticker of approval, like a coat of arms. It is all made out of the same stuff so to speak.
This next one is not a meeting with the god of dreams, but I think it is very interesting in regards to dream 13. This one is part of my third dream diary.

4. Dark Angels are Trees
I dreamt that dark angels, or possibly all angels manifested as trees. I suspect that they do this so that we cannot fight them. We need trees after all. There was a picture of a tree with angel wings in the dream, it had black goo dripping from its feathers, just like the dream catchers in 13 I believe.
This next one was not with morpheus, but i think it is connected. This one was in my fourth dream diary.

8. Death
I was on a Meadow, wich was a house at the same time somehow. My Grandma died in the dream. I dont know how she died anymore, but i think she commited suicide by strangling herself. I had to face this head on in the dream. I died as well, but the thing is, I did not really notice dying at all. I climbed a tree, and we, (I dont know who I was talking to. Propably death itself) talked about what I wanted to be in my next life, if there was one. Im pretty sure there was. I wanted to be a car, and was wondering wheater or not it was even possible to reincarnate as a car.

What I think is really the most strange thing about the dreams, is that they have this sort of weird continuity. It is actually as if they build off one another. Like, when the Children were playing before a Cave, and in a later dream Morpheus was living in one. Like, when there were dreamcatchers with angelblood, and later on evil angel trees with wings and black goo, and in both dreams angels were evil. Like when Death was on the green meadow, and I met it again on a meadow I think. Dreams, arent like that, they dont make sense like that. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying I actually met gods, actually I kind of am saying that, I am just unsure I think. But its strange isnt it? I had a theory, that all these dreams came from reading Neil Gaimans, the sandman series. That woud explain Morpheus, and Death, and them having siblings. Like when you dream of meeting batman, but he is not actually batman but nightman, a weird distorted version of him. I thought this to be the most likely answer, but the thing is, I had these dreams before ever reading and even really knowing about the sandman. If anyone had a similar experience please comment.
These were all the dreams I had about, or related to the god of dreams. These dreams felt different from my usual dreams. Please, did anyone have similar dreams? Any analisis?