The Unknown


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I had a dream last night. It all started on a train. I was traveling to a convention. Everyone was talking and having a great time when the train had gone so fast that it went up into the sky like there was invisible rails with an unknown destination. While airborn, I could remember hearing someone say "Wow, we're going really fast" ( which really should have been why is this train flying?!?! ) We were all serious and silent like we knew there was nothing that could be done.
Instantly falling down, we plummeted deep down into an ocean. I kept thinking, "Please Stop Sinking" over and over, but the speed of our fall said otherwise.
Before we hit the blackest part of the ocean, where the sunlight can't reach, I look to my left and see a huge whale like structure of sharp black bones floating above the darkness. I could remember simply passing it almost mesmerized without thought, simply looking at it. But it did feel ancient.
Sinking more and more I could only think about how the pressure would eventually cave and the water would flow in, ending us all. I closed my eyes because I didn't want to see it all happening. That's when I experienced a sound of the glass breaking behind me and water rushing in. It then cuts scene to us rescued and placed in front of a school with the train behind us.
There are Ambulances and fire trucks. People are wrapped in hospital blankets. While mine is being put on me my eyes went straight to the hole in the window train. It was a quarter wide and had shatter marks spreading down then upward. I look to my left and there are buses waiting to take us where we needed to go.
Your dream reflects a journey through the unexplored territories of your psyche, showcasing resilience in the face of the unknown and unexpected.
  • The train's ascent into the sky and its subsequent plunge into the ocean symbolize life's ups and downs, while the serene passage by the ancient whale-like structure suggests a deep connection with your inner wisdom and strength.
  • Surviving the descent and being rescued signifies overcoming challenges with courage.
  • The broken window with its distinct pattern represents a breakthrough or a pivotal moment of change.
  • The dream concludes with a scene of recovery and support, indicating that no matter the difficulties, help and new directions await.
This dream reassures you that growth and new paths are forged through adversity. It foreshadows an upcoming situation where you feel out of your depth, possibly related to a new venture or challenge. However, just like transitioning from the ocean's depths to safety, you will successfully navigate through this period.

You are about to experience a significant personal or professional breakthrough. This might manifest as a new opportunity, a solution to a longstanding problem, or a sudden insight that changes your perspective. Watch for signs of this change, especially in areas where you've been seeking progress or resolution.
Just a little warning about inflation...identifying too much with an archetype. Train going up too high and plunging down.