Hello, dreamers! Here I am at 3am, awaken by a dream & unable to go back to sleep. I'm not sure if I was part of this group or was just checking out this place w/them, but there was a teen girl, and I think someone else with her, & another person who was showing all of us this new upper floor apartment they were moving into. It was reasonably well maintained outside, but inside it was very old. I wasn't getting a bad feeling about it in the dream, but I'm uncomfortable about it in waking life. Unsure if it was the teen or the person w/her who'd mention how old the place felt, but I chimed in how it just felt "lived in", and that sometimes energies of people that used to live there & passed on are still attached to the place (also, Iwas interrupted by the showing person). I noticed the floor was made of wooden boards that were super old, so not shiny anymore; we walked into a very spacious that bedroom that had 2 queen beds & each headboard had the word death in thick black letters written on them (as if with a giant Sharpie, all in lowercase), but in the dream I didn't think anything of it because I saw it as decoration. Right across them there was this small desk lamp on the desk, w/a very beautiful, detailed lamp shade made of a painting of a dancer. It almost looked like someone had wrapped an antique dance painting on the shade, if that makes sense. The lamp was on, it was a soft glow, warm light. That was, for me, the most impressive part of the dream. There was also a part where we walked outside onto the court, and went to a 1st floor apartment where we were looking for the "drawer", as in a person who draws, I'm not sure why we were looking for the person or why she was called that, but their room we came into (which was their whole apt.) seemed to lodge people of very few resources but all related, it was nighttime & 3 or 4 of them were in bed, which the room only had a number of beds and a desk but the lights were turned off and the drawer was not there because she'd gone to check on something. One of us had asked where she was and one of the male children in bed would say she wasn't there but how she was a great Mom & that she loved them. That's when I woke up. I'm so damn uncomfortable about it I'm probably going to grab a snack, open Tiktok & wait until daylight to allow myself some z's again. I feel on edge right now. So any help figuring out what the heck all this means would be fantastic! TIA!