Thongs and other items


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I think I had a memory of the dream after all. I think I saw a picture with quite a few items, and in the middle was a thong. Maybe it was even a drawing and not a photograph. A couple of hours before going to sleep, I was talking on the phone with my good female friend, future whore, that she wanted to send me a picture of herself in a thong on Viber. Probably the dream was under that impression. But I don't remember what the other objects are in the picture. Possibly some sexual aids. All of this is on a large white paper or other surface. I think it's all on a nice bed.


I guess I'm having this dream now because I'm going to have sex with that friend soon, I'm going to her place soon. All those objects in the dream I think represent some kind of preparation for that event, or foretell the event itself. I feel really good about it all. I like the objects in the dream. She and I also like to experiment.

For now, I did not consult the dream dictionary, but I tried to interpret this dream myself, to see what meaning it all has for me. Of course, in the next dreams I will use the dictionary.​