Time traveling

There was s huge problem where I had to go into the far future to retrieve an item in my grandsons house so it was something like the year 2100 long after I was dead. These were two cardboard boxes that were sealed for over 50 years, that I sealed before I died that contained something but I didnt know what because it didnt happen yet. So Im in my.granfsons house in the middle of the night and its so strange everything is a little bit differentbut very familiar. My partner found the boxes in the carport area laying in front of the nose of the car and so we picked them up and started to peave to our own vehicle when we were stopped and then chased, it was an intense battle and my partner was killed and when I finally reached the rendezvous point mission target achieved boxes under my arms my other partner was pale as a ghost tears were drying to my cheeks. My memory goes blank there except I remember shouting something about 2023 over and over.
and I wake up in this specific parking lot of my home town and Im all scratched up with bleeding roadrashes like I was ejected from a speeding car or something and the gwo boxes are banged up and one is open so I jump to my feet my scraped up skin is burning and these cop cars are surrounding me and I dmrealize its the year 2000 and I start crying so hard because I was home where it all started and it was the time before all the junk started happening. And I run over to the open box and its got this item fastened into the bottom of it and one of the cops runs over to me and I am so happy to see these normal cars in th parking lot around me with these normal dressed people speaking my same language and the cop is nervously asking me are you alright are you alright what happened here what the hell happened here and all I can say over and over is its the year 2000! Tears streaming down my face. It was like being reborn or something everything was so alien and I was right back where I belonged.
So this parking lot had people in cars in it and apparently when I appeared they all disappeared. This was why the cops were frightened pretty much terrified. None of them pulled a gun on me but they restrained me and the paramedics gave me sedatives and I was placed into government custody for my own safety thats what they told me but I knew tomorrow Id be all locked up in a secret facility somewhere. I wasnt supposed to be there but I was so happy it so very emotional. This dream was vivid as real can be and I wasnt dumb and stupid like lost in a drunken confusion as most dreams were. But I saw my grandson in his middle age and that was a trip and a half and felt so real. Very strange dream significant and affectual enough to record here now.