Trailer in the casino

So this starts in a casino or hotel type setting without the slots and without lots of people running around. Very tall ceilings, large oversized doorway, well lit, tons of space. This area turns to the right through the doorway into an expanded hall and I am talking with this very large giant. When his normal human wife arrives I follow them out of there and directly into their RV. They sit up near the coach and I go back into a sleeping area on a skinny bunk I can barely fit in on the right side. I see them talking and start to fall asleep but then they soon wake me up with their noise when they enter the area I am in and plop onto the carpet to my left. He took his shirt off and starts rolling onto his belly. I go back to sleep and close my eyes but then notice theres someone even further down the trailer beyond me but his face is hidden, buried into his arm. He is lying in a very luxurious soft cushion thing. He talks to me with his mind saying he needs help, hes out of this drug. I start to say I dont know but then he shows me his face and I literally shudder and tremble in pure horror. The way the communication goes down is instantaneous, not linear like speaking. All these things were said at the same time: 1 ) He says ah but you can help 2 ) I ask how 3 ) He shows me a picture of him holding a long needle 4 ) I know he means to use the needle in my brain 5 ) I tell him no 6 ) he says I will never escape. Seriously all these things were said instantaneously at the same time in like a nano second. I jump to my feet and run out of there past him through the second doorway that leads right back into the casino hotel looking area where I started before they can stop me. My shoes are gone so I must find them and so I run around through the route I took earlier and hope to get my shoes before they can find me because I know once I get outside I wont be fast barefoot on the rocks. So its a matter of finding my shoes or face a horrific end. Then I wake up.