Trickster? Snakes? Gravestones?


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Dreamt that I awoke in a bed with a woman I didn’t know, in a forest. The woman simply said, “ people seem to die shortly after visiting his grave.” I then had a memory recall of myself at a grave and a focus on a nightshade plant growing near it. I then said “I’ll check it out”. I look down at the foot of my bed and I see a grave not far off. I then look at my boots and see a large horned viper. It was black but a very dark blue seemed to glisten from it. I simply picked it up and continued to hold it and i looked up towards the grave again and there was another in a tree near it and at the time I looked, it struck down towards the ground and swallowed a finch. I asked the woman to assist me with putting my boots on, but she was gone. The reason I needed help with my boots was due to the fact that I only have one hand and I still needed to shake them out since they were on the open forest floor. The woman did not respond. She was no longer there. I was concerned Because the viper was wrapped around my arm but, it was not aggressive. It was calm. And then so was I. I don’t particularly care for snakes.


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Awakening in a forest symbolizes a moment of clarity or realization in your life, with nature representing personal growth. The unknown woman serves as a harbinger of change, cautioning about a lingering fear, highlighted by the grave and the nightshade - both symbols of potential danger or past regrets. However, the horned viper, while initially threatening, becomes an embodiment of newfound strength. Its calm demeanor around you suggests that while there might be challenges ahead, they're manageable and may even become allies in your journey. The woman's disappearance underscores self-reliance. Embrace your inherent ability to face and overcome obstacles.