trouble with one part of dream


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Had an unusual dream last night. Ive gotten most of it figured out already, but one section confuses me.

It started out with me and my mother getting into a huge fight in a theater. It was so intense that we stomped away from each other, furious and thinking the other was unreasonable.

It's perhaps worth mentioning that my mother is currently in the hospital for a foot injury and surgery. I haven't seen her for several days, though I'm not worried cause it's nothing terribly dangerous. I have a decent relationship with her.

My mother went upstairs and I went to a side room near the stage. The room became a prison cell, though I did not feel trapped nor was it ever acknowledged. My cat was there eating from her food bowl. I looked out the window and saw several trucks. I had something in my hand that I'd been tossing at the wall, and tossed it in a way that it would ricochet off the wall and out the window toward the trucks. I seemed surprised by this, as if was not my intention or I didn't expect it to work or think the object would go that far.

The center truck was struck, knocking it over, though it fell towards the impact, not away. As it fell in slow motion, person stuck their head out from the truck, surprised, and I worried for their safety. For a brief moment, parts of the truck turned to scafolding that fell around the person, leaving them unharmed. The truck returned to being a truck, now laying on it's side. It was carrying a tank that now had a hole in it. A sparkling green liquid oozed out and a hazmat team came to deal with the apparent chemical spill.

The liquid seeped into my location, now a room again, though there were still bars on the window. As it pooled around the room, it touched my cat's food bowl as she ate and I knew she'd been poisoned. I picked her up and took her downstairs.

The scene changed to outside among the trucks and I came up from a subway tunnel (unsure if this is relevant, but I'm currently hyperfixating on two anime characters who run, and hyperfixate on, a subway). I went to a person in a labcoat to tell her my cat had been poisoned by the chemical spill and ask for her help. My cat had started convulsing a little. As my cat was being looked over, the entire dream changed to a differnt dream that I've already interpreted.


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Maybe there is some deep feelings of resentment towards your mom that you haven’t forgiven. Not forgiving someone from our past can directly or indirectly cause ourselves to become trapped inside a cell or to where we indirectly hurt others and even those close to us.