Tsunami in the dream


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Today I had a dream about Tsunami. Me and my younger brother went to my grandma place.
later me and my younger bro went to a mall and all of sudden I saw a very big huge clean blue tidal wave hit the mall we were in. me and my bro were running to reach the top of the mall, while we were running to the top of mall I observed that all the people running opposite to us and I saw few idols of god(Lord Vishnu a Hindu god) being cleaned by some people. Later we reached the top of mall which is not a open space and still closed with strong glasses all the sides and we observed from top floor of mall that the surroundings of the mall is completely filled by clean blue ocean water and I don't see any other building or destroyed building around us. I can only see few plastic bodies(not the real human bodies) floating on the water (which I felt like dead bodies in my dream). Mall that we were in do not have any ocean water entered. I observed that there is huge lighting tornado is forming up far away from our mall. I asked my bro to hold on to something which is strong grounded to floor so that could help if the tornado comes in our way. Now my bro said that we should have stayed at home so we could have been alive and I replied that we are now at top of this mall which made us stay alive and staying at home which is which is not as high as this mall would have really kept us in big risk and we are not sure what is the situation at home right now.

please help me out in the Interpretation of this dream