unusual occurrences and an unexpected encounter in a city at night part 1

this dream begins in a city environment at night.as far as i can recall of the dream it begins in an adobe-like house. (although i can remember being transported there from somewhere else. but previous to this i have difficulty recalling) this house seemed to be abandoned except for an elderly lady in a wheelchair and myself. it was of a size that would warrant a staff of servants if it were occupied.it had 2 levels and if i recall rightly 2 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. also something else.secret panels behind walls which in 2 cases led to secret rooms. one panel so cleverly hidden behind a writing desk as to appear part of the wall. unlike the others it was used for transportation purposes. a high speed supersonic craft about the same size as a small sportscar would land on the roof,then descend through a secret ramp into a hidden room. the passenger would then enter the house by means of a secret passageway on the first flloor or a secret room upstairs. in either case he would transact whatever business he was there for,without fear of being interrupted. the secret room was only accessible from the hidden entrance and was exclusively used for business of a top secret nature. i cannot remember all the conversation which passed between us,but i do remember going to inspect several rooms. after i found no one there i returned to the front room. then she drew my attention to someone pounding at the front door. when i looked through the scanner (special telescopic equipment designed to encompass the whole front yard and furtermore take pictures of anyone within 50 feet of the front door) i was surprised to see there was more than one person and they were trying to break open the lock with a crowbar. i told the elderly woman "don't worry. i'll handle this" and i concentrated and i literally propelled myself forward and thrust open the door almost automatically and instantly found myself outside . they had scattered when the door was opened so forcefully. so i was in the middle of the street confronting them. they were very distinctive looking and not at all the kind of people who i expected would be breaking inside a house. the first one was slightly tall, and wore a white cotton shirt and gray trousers. he had a moustache and beard and -what i noticed most of all-he wore a red beret. he bore a striking resemblance to che guevara. the second one was in uniform. he seemed like a member of some paramilitary outfit. he wore shiny knee high black boots he wore a helmet which seemed to be a composite of italian,german and russian helmets of world war 2. the uniform was a mixture of khaki and steel gray. to sum up, they struck as representative of ideological extremes, the first one being an extreme revolutionary the second one a reresentative of authoritarian militarism. now the third one was something else again. of medium height with a long beard, he wore a white sweatshirt and dark gray corduroy trousers. he wore steel framed round glasses almost the same size as his eyes,which regarded me with a penetrating stare. all of a sudden i knew what he was-an anarchist. he smiled a little. as to the fourth one he came across as a cynic,without belief in anyone or anything. i gave them a lecture which was severe for me. they seemed to receive it very well. i made it clear that this was not the way. everything had its place in the universe and they must not try to force its hand. in paricular the revolutionary and the militarist seemed to pay careful attention. the anarchist answered me "an insightful speech,sir. i only hope my companions will take it to heart" ME: why are you accompanying them, if this is how you feel? ANARCHIST: i did not realize they planned to use such methods,or i would not have . i am a pacifist as well as an anarchist ME: well, it certainly would seem you are in the wrong company ANARCHIST: possibly so. his tone gave the impression he thought there was hope for his three companions. the cynic merely listened to all of this with an amused expression. a crowd had begun to gather and one of the onlookers was a policeman . the policeman spoke to the onlookers briefly, then turned to me and wanted to know what had been going on here. when i told him he spoke to the four and sternly cautioned them not to do this ever again. when they agreed they were dismissed. then i seemingly turned and without even remembering opening the door i found myself back inside almost like teleportation. the elderly woman in the wheelchair was still there. she pointed to something and i went out to the rear entrance,which was completely open i could see a busy street outside with the cars going past. [continued]