unusual occurrences and and an unexpected encounter in a city at night part 2

[continued] i could not help wondering why they had not entered here. there would have been nothing to stop them. then as i went back inside there was a tall man in a dark blue robe . he began speaking to me very seriously about different levels of reality and the necessity of understanding how they interact with each other.how much interdimensional activity goes on cladenstinely without the knowledge of their inhabitants. how,in fact there have been exchanges of technology between worlds and the importance of knowing about them. as he spoke 4 panels above where he was speaking(with the third panel directly above his head) were showing pictures of what he was speaking-and much more-such as a rectangular craft of light, capable of traversing the barriers between worlds almost at will. a device with a shape i had never seen before, and a light shape somewhat resembling a combination of a tetrahedron and VESICA PISCIS. he spoke of molecules and protons and the necessity of understanding the nature of reality,which has much more to it than is generally believed. this is about all i can recall of our conversation but i do remember leaving with a determination and a new sense of purpose. i was just about to walk out the back door when i woke up.

I am left wondering if what we call, "science fiction," in fact exists on some planes, or is knowledge held in the unconscious. On a symbolic level, there is a caution to the dreamer to avoid extremes and to stay close to the wise woman. The exchange at the end with this sort of wizard fellow again might indicate knowings beyond our every day levels of comprehension. And, again, on a symbolic level, your own reality may have much more to it that you perceive. The speaker gave you a new sense of purpose and determination. It seems you were inspired by the knowledge of other realities, perhaps within yourself and in the universe.

greetings,Lyn Holley your analysis hits the mark. in fact, the gap between science fiction and science fact is a lot narrower than some people care to believe. much of the knowledge in the unconscious comes to the fore in dream state. all of my life i have tried to avoid extremes and seek out wisdom,so it is not strange that i would have the same desire in dreams. i thought it was significant that of the extremists who tried to force entry into the house the anarchist intellectual alone answered me. the other ones,the extreme revolutionary and the militarist seemed to listen and take it in. but the anarchist alone agreed.probably because he required it less. as for the wizard lecturer you are right about what he said providing information about things beyond the scope of ordinary knowledge. when i woke up i could not recall all of them but i remembered some. which involved inter dimensional travel and life beyond the limitations of the perceived world. two of my posted dreams have a similar theme although very different from this one {A TRIP THROUGH TIME AND SPACE in three parts} [AN UNCERTAIN MISSION ENDS ON AN ENLIGHTENING NOTE also in 3 parts ] they are several pages back. check them out if you like. you might find them interesting. you are right on target about there being more to reality than what we discern with the five senses