Visited by demonette durning my nap

I had a dream when I was visited by demonette.
It started like I was waking up from my nap but I was still obviously (a dream within a dream) only to realize something is stroking my back.
I was watching the action from third-person perspective and I saw a entity which was composed out of white, porcelain mask that resembled face of a woman. Behind the mask, there was chaotic, coloful mess of flesh and tentacle-like appendages.
Later, it took more human-like form (which resembled my favorite actress, lol), pulled my head close to her breasts and asked "can you feel the beat of my heart?". I was still experiencing this in third-person and I remember seeing various buldings on the ground, it seemed like we were cuddling high in the sky.
Later, I woke up with the sound of my heartbeat in my ears.


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I have to think about it when it comes to interpretation.

But this reminded me of an experienced I had.

I went with a friend of mine to her family’s old house outside the city. Very old and spooky house. After sitting up talking to about midnight we went to bed in separate bedrooms. I had a girlfriend at the time so me and the girl I was with was not having other than a friendship.

As I was laying in the room I got I was annoyed that I did not feel tired at all. Had been drinking a ton of coffee and Pepsi a few hours before so I cursed myself for doing so and throwing a good night sleep out the window. I was lying face down in the bed thinking about this when two very strong hands grab my neck from behind. So I roll over so I face the roof. On top of me sits a woman. She is angry and she is young and old at the same time. Every age at the same time. She grabs a stranglehold on me. I can’t move. And then I wake up hearing myself scream in terror.

If that was confusing. I never noticed falling asleep. Just like I wrote it down. I was lying there thinking I would not be able to sleep. But I obviously did. And had a mare/hag show up in a sleep paralysis. The room in this nightmare was identical as well. Except there was an extra window there. I asked my friend the day after if there ever was one there earlier in the history of the house. But it had never been there as far as she knew.

My first thought was it had something to do with the house and some ghost. The psychologist I was seeing at the time had a different view. Relationship with my girl was bad (and ended less than a year after this. And I probably wanted the girl so was with at the house to be with me. So he thought this had to do with that situation rather than the old spooky house.