Weird dreams related to dating


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Hello, it's my first time posting on this forum, it's a bit of a mess but i had multiple dreams last night, i think all of them are related to my relationship status, since i just started dating again, well there were multiple changes in my life, my body (i lost quite a lot of weight), i had a traumatic experience in the past also with a guy, so maybe it's all related.

Could you please help, if you have an idea what would it mean? :)

Thank you, beforehand!

Dream 1: Neighbor Prince Charming

Context: my neighbour from across the street is hot, I caught him sometimes looking at me from his balcony, he likes to say hi to my mother for some reason, like even if he's in a car he would wave at her and be nice to her. Ever since we lost our cat and he helped to find her.
But he is the definition of a **** boy, hot, charming, bringing all kinds of girls to his apartment.

My mom called our neighbour from across the street over to help me go to the car cuz it was raining and the water was surrounding us. I was on the balcony and he was outside and he was outside next to it.

I got scared and ran inside to hide behind the curtains but he could still see me and
him. He was talking to my mom telling her he likes natural girls, not fake.
And he texted me saying it's not the first time I offered to be your prince charming, I helped you other times haha. And I texted him saying aaa yes I remember (Maybe it was kind of to say ah you don't have to hide from me, there is no need. I didn't want him to see me like that, in the house kind of clothes, no makeup, hair a mess etc)

Dream 2:
I had a dream about being back to high school (although I finished it quite a few years ago) and had a class with the 1st language teacher, but for some reason, a lot of other people were in it, like I was sharing my desk with my old desk mate from first-grade school.
The teacher decided to have us comment on the book we were reading and asked a colleague to step up and begin the story.
No one remembered barely anything but we kind of knew we were no longer in high school and this was just so we learned more???
Anyways I was dressed in a dress, like a party dress and was staring at a broken makeup palette up until she got mad at me and closed the palette and said to focus on the damn class, but wasn't as mean as I said I feel unwell and I looked unwell, all red in the face, had a fever so she believed me and I asked if I could go see a doctor and she said yes and I went to the other building looking for the doctor.

There I found another classmate, my ex-friend, and asked her what was she doing there and not in class, she said she was on her period and I even saw 1 drop of blood on the floor as she walked upstairs.

Anyway, I asked her where the doctor's cabinet is and she said it should be 2nd floor.

I walked upstairs but instead of the doctor's cabinet, I found different country cuisine restaurants/markets.

I don't usually dream, but I think the dreams come from where I'm at now, i started dating again after a few years but I don't exactly know what I'm looking for in a man/relationship.