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Dear Friends,

I've experienced a recurring vision over the past two days. In the first instance, I observed a multi-family home from a distance at first and approached closer, with a dark sky overhead and rainbow-colored porch rails on each floor. The roof was a deep blue hue, and though I sensed fire, none was visible in the vision, so I disregarded it. The second time, I found myself seated on the first-floor porch of the same building. This time, a front gate/fence adorned the front of the house and its garden. I rose from the porch, crossed the garden, opened the gate, and stepped onto the sidewalk. Above, the sky was divided between light and darkness. Suddenly, a swiftly moving flying car (like those future type of cars that fly) approached, picked me up, and sped away from the house, taking me away. While the structure resembled my brother's multifamily home where he resides with his family and tenants and (where i lived my teenage years since it was previously my mothers house), the colors, garden, and front fence differed, suggesting it might be a different but similar dwelling. I appreciate any insights you may have into deciphering this vision. Thank you for your help!


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This recurring vision represents a journey from the past toward the future, symbolized by the transition from a familiar yet slightly altered multi-family home to the embrace of a futuristic flying car.
  • The home, reminiscent of your brother's and your teenage years, suggests a foundation built on family and shared experiences.
  • The dark sky and fire symbolize challenges and transformations that were invisible or not directly confronted.
  • Approaching the house and noticing changes (rainbow-colored porch rails, the garden, and fence) indicate growth and the addition of vibrant, protective elements in your life.
  • Finally, being whisked away by a flying car under a divided sky symbolizes moving beyond past limitations into a future filled with potential and balance.
This vision hints at embracing change, recognizing personal growth, and the exciting prospects that await as you navigate from familiar grounds to new horizons.
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Houses in dreams or visions are about soul. A multi-family home is hinting at how boundless your soul is. The blue roof is a spiritual color and an additional indication of soul processes. You move from the unconscious to the conscious (stepping off the front porch onto the sidewalk) and into the ego state which is symbolized by a car futuristic car. You are integrating past and future through unconscious and conscious processes.
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