What does this dream mean please?


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Last night, I had a dream that my mum took me to a house in which there was my abusive ex and my now deceased father.

I have never been close to my mum, she’s not very supportive and has unresolved traumas of her own so is difficult to be around.

My ex was emotionally abusive and affected my self confidence more so than anyone else.

My dad passed away when I was 14. He was abusive to everyone in his life, pushed me away at 11 and never really showed me love or made me feel wanted.

This feels like a lot for one dream and I’m unsure what this means?
Thanks for sharing your dream.
It is certainly asking you to work through issues surrounding your mum and dad.
Can you give any further details about the dream? These might point us as to which parent to work on first. However, it sounds like your mum appeared first, so that would usually indicate that she would be the first one to focus on.
You ex is in the dream because it shows the link between conditioning picked up from mum/dad during our childhood, and how this is often reflected/repeated in our adult lives.
I'm sorry that these are difficult issues to bring up.