What does this mean? Had a dream with turtles a cat and two black dogs


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What does it means dreaming with 3 turtles a grey cat and 2 black dogs

I had this dream I was at my parents house( my mom died in 2011 and my dad in 2022) my husband and daughter were there too we all were with my parents in their bedroom but the bedroom was very opulent and big it had a living room and a huge bed upstairs. We talked and sat there and we were going to go out so we went to the garage and I went to another room to grab something and I see a huge turtle it was half the size of the room it was lost it had a lot of sticks and leaves around him. I call my husband and he comes and tries to lure the turtle outside, but then 2 black doberman dogs come and start chasing the turtle, the turtle gets aggressive and runs with the dogs chasing him. We run too because we were in the way of the turtle.

The turtle ends up in this patio inside the house it was like a garden with grass and plants , we close the glass doors. Outside my grey cat was hissing at the turtle and inside the dogs were barking.
We go outside and the turtle follows us into a pond.
There were three ponds each had a turtle, the other 2 turtles were smaller.
We see the turtle calmed and slowly swimming in his pond, we said: look how much it grew.