What would these weird dreams mean?


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I have always had odd dreams, most weirder than not. But I remember most of them with vivid detail and they all involve myself dying, except for the dream I had last night which I killed someone else.

I’ll keep them as short as I can but here are the dreams in order, from the first dream I’ve had where I’ve died to last nights dream.

1. (2014-2015?)
I was at a family lunch everyone was grabbing food at the table and laughing/chatting together. I noticed that the dog was acting strange and I kept an eye on them, that was when the dog went into the shed. I followed it. I walked in and and it was like the dog started distorting, it walked into the fire pit of the heater and it went up in flames. As I slowly back out of the shed the dogs body distorted and morphed into what I could only think of what people would call a mix of a Minotaur and demon it came out and started running at me, I ran and yelled for everyone to run but it was like no one could hear or see me. I grab utensils and chuck it at the thing but it grabbed me and threw me down on a table, it then plunged a blade from a sword through my abdomen. I screamed, the pain felt real, I could feel the blade twisting and cutting my insides, there was the warm blood on the table and it eventually came from my mouth, I started choking a bit then I started feeling cold for a while, I then died. It was like just like floating in nothingness until I eventually woke up.

(I feel like there is a dream in between these dates that I’m missing but I cannot recall it for some reason)

2. (2018?)
I was in my home, my mum and my pregnant sister with me, outside there was water half way up the house slowly engulfing everything. We were just chatting, mum grabbing a drink from the fridge when the light in the hallway started to flicker, it eventually turned off. I got a hot chill up my spine, similar to a dogs hackles it let me know that something was wrong. My sister acted cocky and went into the dark hallway. A weird demonic like noise was heard and my mother went to investigate, I shot up and pushed mum out of the way just in time. It looked like my sister as if she’d transformed into it, my best description would be it looked similar to the depictions of a wendigo. Long bony limbs, sunken in almost skeletal face. Only strands of hair here and there on her scalp. It was like her skin was falling off. Her teeth, god they were sharp. Proved it when she started eating my lower right abdomen, could feel every time her teeth sunk in and ripped apart the flesh. Similar to the last dream all I could feel was the warm blood starting to form underneath me. I made the mistake of taking the effort to look what was happening, the sight was nothing short of gruesome and it was incredible painful, I panicked and tried pushing her away but it just made her eat more frantically. Tears rolling down my face and blood starting to choke me, the pain slowly faded till all I felt was cold: I was back in the nothingness and I was dead once again. When I awoke it was like I had phantom pains from the dream, it lasted a couple days and it eventually went away but that dream is now forever with me, I doubt I’ll ever forget it.

(I feel like there is meant to be another dream in between here too, I cannot recall this one either though)

3. (2024)
I was in my mum’s house, it was a lot bigger and a lot more fancier, myself and my partner were there, we had 2 somewhat famous guests (they were part of a pop band or esports group or something) the guy and his girlfriend were getting ready in my mum’s ensuite sitting on a towel on the floor in front of a mirror, I had to go in to look for something, my partner was waiting outside the door, I did not know them so I wanted him to come with me. The girl beckoned me over saying she thought she saw what I was looking for, so I go over to look. She put her arm around my shoulders and I flinched back making all 3 of us fall backwards. I lift myself up on my hands and the guy starts laughing. It was menacing and his smile looked distorted, very uncanny valley. I reacted by grabbing his neck and pushing his head back, he tried getting back up and his laughing went manic distorting his face more, I pushed him back again and his neck snapped on the corner where the floor changed levels to the shower. With blood bubbling from his mouth he was still laughing until he finally stopped. When I looked up there was blood everywhere, I screamed for my partner. He ran in and asked for what happened. I told him I don’t know why there was blood everywhere but I told him about the guys face and his neck snapping. He asked about their names and I told him, he started panicking because these two members of whatever group their from were the most popular of them. He said the girl was pregnant and they were due soon. The phone started ringing. I told my partner that not to pick up that I’d take care of it after. I started going in and out of sleep at that point but I got snippets of what happened next. I saw a limbless pregnant torso, after that I was talking with paramedics and police with a baby in my hands, telling them the dogs started going off, I went to go check and Someone was digging through the trash bin at the bottom of the driveway which is where I found the baby. I woke up fully by that point but it’s not hard to piece together what I did.

My question is WHY DID I DO THAT ???!!! I know it’s a dream but why did I even dream of that and does it have any connection to the other dreams I’ve had???


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The dreams you've described, moving from being a victim to an active, albeit distressing, participant in the narrative, could signify a profound personal transformation. The recurring theme of death, especially in the context of profound and visceral experiences, often symbolizes the end of one phase or aspect of your life and the beginning of another. Your subconscious may be processing deep-seated fears, anxieties, or unresolved emotions related to change, loss, or your sense of power and control in your waking life.

The transition from dreams where you die to a dream where you cause death suggests a shift in how you perceive yourself in relation to your fears or challenges. Initially, you may have felt powerless or overwhelmed by circumstances (symbolized by the uncontrollable and terrifying creatures) beyond your control. However, the latest dream, where you take a decisive, albeit shocking, action against a perceived threat, indicates a newfound assertiveness or agency in facing your fears or challenges.

This does not mean you harbor violent tendencies; rather, it reflects a psychological transformation. The act of killing in your dream may symbolize your desire to assert control over your life, confront what frightens you, or make significant changes. The presence of a baby, especially after such chaotic events, might symbolize new beginnings, innocence, purity, or a rebirth of some part of yourself or aspect of your life that you wish to preserve or nurture amidst these changes.

In essence, these dreams could be encouraging you to confront and manage the changes or challenges in your life. They suggest that while you might be facing difficult transitions, there is potential for growth, renewal, and the development of personal strength. It's a call to action from your subconscious to address what holds you back and to move forward with courage and determination.

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