When I was 8 years old this happened


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From what I'm told my brother, his girlfriend, jis best friend, we're left in charge of me and my sister when my father left to go to the store, I don't remember anything, except hearing my father's voice calling my name, and asking me why I was crying, I was confused and I did not know why I was crying, but I figured any other time it's my brother so that's what I told my father, my brother hit me, my father goes to physically press my brother, and my brother puts his hands up in defense, and begins to tell my father he did not lay a finger on me and that my father could ask his girlfriend, his best friend, and my sister, and they will all confirm that he's telling the truth, at this point I'm really confused because I don't know why I'm crying, I'm 8 years old by the way when this happened, then I hear their accounts of what happened after my father left, my brother said that I was being unruly and when he tried to get me to sit down I physically overpowered him and he was 18 at the time, then I started walking around the room and no one could understand what I was saying, at this point they continue to say that my eyes were rolled into the back of my head I was running my fingers through my hair spinning in a circle counterclockwise in the middle of the room and speaking a language no one could understand, I begin to confess to my father that that's not what happened because I couldn't remember any of it, all the while my sister is sitting on the couch who's 3 years older than me by the way, with her knees drawn to her chest hugging her legs with her thumb in her mouth, I tell my father no that's not what happened and I look to my sister for confirmation, but the moment I step towards her she makes the uh huh sound we've all made that means no, when I step closer she does it again and leans away from me, and I'm nervous because my sister really looks terrified at me, when I go to get closer and touch her she lets out this blood curdling scream like nothing I've ever heard, my father standing there confused, now here's where things get dicey, remember I said I couldn't remember anything, well I couldn't remember anything that they were mentioning, but what I remember is completely different than what happened, I remember being in the exact spot we all were except it wasn't the same, it's like all the life and colors were muted flakes of Ash floating through the air , I could feel myself but couldn't see my physical body everything looked tattered and worn, and then these long reaching slender narrow arms with these long pointy fingers on the hands, started coming from everywhere and they were all trying to grab me and tear at me, it was almost as if they were in a feeding frenzy the way piranha would be around a meal dropped in the middle of a school of them, but they weren't able to grab me and as I moved away from this frenzy, I could just see them going crazy trying to get me, and I remember the feeling of everything visually being familiar but knowing this place no matter how it looks similar to where my home was was not my home, I knew it wasn't imposter but it looked and everything was positioned exactly where it was and where it should be but it was off and I knew, I don't know how it was triggered but this wasn't the first or last time it happened to me as a child it continued for a while and I really haven't shared this with anyone because I don't want to come off crazy but I have witnesses