Where Am I?

Dream From July 18 '19:
this is like a movie scene.
it is night.
i am in a room, of what should be a first floor house, and no further floor levels above first floor.
no idea whose house it is.
i can see out the window of the room, (window is shut), through a gap in the curtain (which is a thick purple one).
the house could be 1950's or something.
i see a car parked on the road against the kerb, on the house side.
i see the left side of the vehicle and the front of it.
could be one of those old gangster looking cars (4 doors, curved over roof from the back).
a mate of mine is sitting in the car, waiting for me; he could be Matt H.
he is picking me up, so i can go somewhere (apparently).
hmmm, not sure why he is picking me up, but anyway.
then at the door of the room, which is behind me, i see a young go past, from my right to my left.
the door is open ajar, (hinge on my left side) and open inwards.
i see the back of her, from mid back, down to her hips.
she has gone past rather quickly.
there is a hallway to my right.
she must be looking for me, so she can tell me that my ride is here.
and, she looks dressed in 1950s style clothing (somewhat tight).
across the hallway from me, is a stair case.
i dash over to it after she has gone past.
there are toys on the floor as i step to the staircase.
i turn left to go down it.
it has wooden handrails, which, in regars to the design, looks like a gate.
a horizontal top piece (narrow edge at top), and an angled piece going down.
either this scene repeats about 3 or 4 times, (that of the toys and me turning left to down), or, the staircase is one of several that i go down, in this house, to get to ground level.
surely the house is no more than first floor.
after the supposed repeat of seeing the steps, i see myself out the front.
no thought of the car either.
its still night time.
across the road from the house, to my left (as i see it), there is a grass kerk (and probably a grass paddock).
there are two women,young-ish (20s/30s standing on the bitumen, on the grass side of the road.
they are sort of facing each other, and talking about something.
both look somewhat attractive.
both are wearing singlets (thin shoulder straps and perhaps black, due to lack of any nearby street lights), and their arms are exposed.
well, there are lights on, in the distance, from a nearby city.
both are about medium build, though one of them is a bit slimmer than the other.
i see them side on.
they turn and look at me, after i ask them "where am i?"
did i ask a trick question?
the two women are somewhat surprised that i don't know where i am.
well, i don't know, hence why i ask.
and well, they don't give me an answer.
that'd be right.
fine, be like that.
the dream ends after i ask the question.

any questions or comments?