Why did this happen?


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I had a dream that a guy I know had a house party and I was not invited and turned up to his house. He was kissing this woman on her arms even though he knew she liked him but he did not want to date her - so he was leading her on for attention. I had enough of watching him kiss her and got angry and threw a drink in his face. He then followed me outside to my car and asked where I was going as though he didn't want me to go. He calmly asked why I threw a drink on him. I told him I had liked him for a long time. The dream ended then. Does anyone know what this means?

Agaric McFly

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Hmm really... And were you attracted to this guy. Is this someone you're sort of attracted to? Or were you simply attracted by the fact that he was good enough to get her attention? I think these are some good questions to ask yourself. What was the implication of the entire experience like? Was it trying to tell you about you? Or, was it trying to convey understanding of this unmoral behaviour might stem from insecurity, becuase guys get insecure too, it is human nature, you're never gonna find someone as confident as a archetype or ideal. To me, I might be biased, but whenever I dream about the anima, the subconscious personification of our ideal partner, it is unmistakable. I feel it very clearly in my chest and entire face. So, it is very clear when I'm shown something different. You're not gonna want to be dreaming about kissing some random, when you could be with the diety of romance.

So I would advice you to set an intention on dreaming about your anima and compare the two. I think that will help you see things much more clearly.