witnessing events in another level of reality part 4

this adept was known not only for advocacy of inter-dimensional communication and interaction but also for healing,curing diseases,energy balancing and in some cases prescribing medicines(no laws existed restricting prescribing medicine to professionals) noted for her elixirs and nutritional diets. she also had a boy who simply adored her and followed her everywhere. i have no idea whether he was legally adopted or not, i never saw or learned anything about his real parents. probably he was an orphan whom she had taken in,orphans not being unusual in this time just recovering from terrific conflict. what i do know he regarded her as virtually the source of all wisdom in the world. he would help mix potions in her laboratory, and run errands to patients homes delivering medicines.in short she was a second mother to him, and she regarded him like a son. so when those pseudo-adepts saw her coming they had some reason to feel jubilant.she held the rank of middle adept second class(there were 5 ranks for each class of adept lower,middle and higher.) which technically made her the highest ranking adept in the area and thus legally responsible for whatever experiments were carried out. in truth she was the instigator of many of them and in a few cases actually supervised them. the boy,of course was following close behind her. as she sauntered up to where the arrested adepts were sitting in a line,under the eye of officers of the law with drawn weapons. at first very indignant, demanding to know what this meant. the C11 officer told her in no uncertain terms what it meant.what was more as the highest ranking adept (the office of adept did carry with it a certain legal authority,not like our world where it only has authority within its own group) she not only had initiated opening dimensional for these beings to come through without any preparation and mostly quite by accident into an alien dimension of which they understood nothing and some of them having only animal intelligence they behaved accordingly. if it had been limited to only inter-dimensional research and maybe occasional communication it would have been all right.but doorways had been opened on inadequate scientific grounds ,veils between worlds had been ripped asunder with no legitimate reason, as a result lives had been lost, people permanently impaired by coming into contact with unknown forces, in some cases having their elemental structure so altered that they committed suicide. this situation could not be permitted to continue. the danger to the common well being was too great and notified her that she was suspended {that is. prohibited from interacting with any adepts in any metaphysical capacity] and held in suspensive custody [restricted to the area and required to report her whereabouts at all times] pending an investigation into the circumstances of the recent inexplicable happenings[this was legalese for you know what] now she reacted to this in a way i did not expect. she seemed appalled that this had happened and asked for the details. the C11 officer provided them without any hesitation, having a portable device like a huge video screen which could be enlarged or reduced in size. in this case it was at maximum.sight and sound capacity. there were displayed all of the things that happened on record , including the one aforementioned adept who had become radioactive. she looked with an expression of sheer horror and finally her face turned as white as the robe she was wearing. (she was wearing an ivory white robe) the C11 officer looked at her but kept a poker face,showing neither sympathy nor lack of it.. finally she spoke Advocate Adept : {stammeringly] i-is it true t-that these things happened because of t-the dimensions being [hesitates as if looking for the right phrase] less apart from each other? C11 officer:eek:h yes, there can be no doubt whatever about that. substances not known to this dimension have been found on 14 bodies. the scientists say some of them could change the atomic structure of any matter it comes in contact with. furthermore there is the matter of your fellow adept having his entire structure of his being altered to i don't know what. as his body has been changed so may his brain have been. he may be dangerous to anybody he encounters. and that not coming into contact with an alien substance but inhaling alien fumes. whatever that they were doing the whole composition of the air. now her expression really had an expression of terror AA: my god. i knew him. i hadn't heard from him in a week.now i know why. C11 officer:did not any of your fellow adepts tell you what happened to him? AA:no. they surely did not. this particular incident had not been released to the equivalent of our media. it had been decided that it might cause widespread panic. understandably. but soon they were going to have cause to question the wisdom of their decision. the dialogue continued AA:where did this happen ,if you will tell me. and when the C11 officer told her she gasped. she was really thunderstruck now. and it was not hard for me to guess the reason why. for some of those PAs had been trained by her and where it happened had been none other than a place in one of her order's facilities, improvised for temporary experimental use,in a part most members did not often go in. and some of those PAs had pulled a fast one. that is, one of them having more knowledge than wisdom had found a way previously unknown to science to tamper with the portals, being overly sure of himself he just used it and would have explained afterward to the others what he was doing,when this adept unexpectedly showed up, causing panic and they scattered leaving the experiment dangerously unfinished. suddenly the C11 officer made a gesture, indicating he wanted a word with her privately. they stopped on a nearby ridge in the company of two other officers. i could not make out any words but it was clear he was communicating information. her expression was one of careful listening, then surprise. she spoke a few words. then suddenly her face wore an expression of determination mixed with fear. he said something and she nodded. then suddenly she turned and spoke to the boy who had been standing a few feet away. he immediately moved down the ridge. she began walking at a very fast pace. the boy followed her. quite unlike her usual slower, rather languid pace. after she had walked some distance the C11 officer began to shout "wait. come back" she turned , looked at him briefly and continued walking without even breaking her pace . one of the other officers shouted "go back" the C11 officer:STOP.I CANT LET YOU DO THIS AA: i must C11 officer: its madness. she continued to walk at an even faster pace. the C11 officer signaled to his deputies. one of them had a long,thick rod with a orangish-brown ball on top, which he stuck right in the middle of the ground.C11 officer pulls a switch. the orange-brown orb begins to glow. the glow intensifies. all the officers stand back. the glow begins to widen. then it assumes a white-blue color,then detaches itself from the instrument then moves like a comet. increasing speed. AA happens to turn her head and see it. she veers of to the side and stands still. suddenly a yellow beam comes across the path of the comet, which abruptly changes course . C11 officer[at the top of his voice] EVERYONE TAKE COVER. HIT THE GROUND suddenly there was a blinding flash. i, who was not physically present in this dimension was momentarily stunned by it. a flash of incredible colors. mostly yellow but mixed with white. after a few minutes of our time when i began to recover from being dazed by it, began to look around at what had happened. the entire area around where i happened to be(so to speak) was a smoking crater. i could see vehicles overturned,bits of bodies such as a severed arm lying not far away, then i saw AA and the boy. but they were different. standing there but the whole color had changed . instead of the ivory white robe and her thick dark brown hair which she wore long down to her shoulders she was now entirely gray. ash gray. as was the boy. all of a sudden i realized what this was. nuclear shadow,or this dimensional equivalent of it. i had just witnessed a nuclear explosion. i searched around and saw who was likewise incinerated who i recognized as a PA. in fact ,he had been one of the PAs who had been involved in the experiment which had been responsible for the condition of the adept. the adept yes, as i continued to search in the rubble suddenly i made out about 5 yards ahead and at a slant a yellowish-green glow. then i knew what had happened {continued}