witnessing events in another level of reality part1

this dream is one of the most enigmatic i have ever had. to begin with, it starts and remains in a level of reality different from our own. i am not sure if this takes place in an inter dimensional or interplanetary scenario or both. what i do know is it has some bearing and relevance for our reality.this alternate reality-of all terms,this would be the most accurate, for it was certainly that- is very complex,involving many different factors. so i will try to tell the events i witnessed in order of their occurrence. it starts with a religious sect and its leader. it will be necessary to give some background here. this group rose from being a small sect to a widespread religion during a time of great conflict which in some areas brought widespread famines and epidemics. it was a time roughly comparable to the Thirty years war or the Taiping rebellion in our reality.as is usual during such times there was a near complete breakdown of authority, amounting in some places to utter chaos. different factions fought each other for territory, power and wealth.as is often the case in desperate times many people began looking to spirituality and religion for solutions. now the sect which plays such a big part in this dream had risen to be the main sect in this country,world dimension, or whatever term seems appropriate. it did this by several means #1 having leaders who were consistent in their message .they had men and women who practiced what they preached #2 they had verifiable proof of what in our world are called miracles some of which are not dissimilar to those of Jesus. for example healing sick people thought to be incurable by the medical establishment of their world. having enormous amounts of food mysteriously appear in a famine stricken area. strangely turning up in places where they could not possibly have been to feed the starving, heal the sick and other missions of mercy. #3 prophesying events before they actually occurred such as floods,earthquakes and hurricanes. when they turned out to be true it gave them a good reputation as true prophets.as the conditions in the land became more chaotic,so did their preternatural power, or so it seemed. now most of these prophets were every bit as sincere as they seemed but there were those among them who were deluded, fanatical or self righteous. how this played a role in what i witnessed will be explained in the next posting [continued]

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