witnessing events on another level of reality part 3

[continued] when he arrived in this area he took them completely by surprise. there had been no announcement or warning. he just arrived with a group of armed law enforcement officers and caught them right in the process of trying to open a gate and see how the gravity levels were in another dimension. WHAT ARE YOU DOING he roared. the pseudo-adepts stopped their work abruptly and looked at him. then one answered "we are trying to get through to another dimension" Council11 officer:why? Pseudo Adept:because we are trying to bridge the barriers between worlds C11 officer:{flashing his badge} in the name of the law i place you under arrest for endangering the common good PA: what? what do you mean? we want nothing but the common good .C11: you have opened dimensional gateways and let through things that should not be here. because of this you can be charged not only with endangering the common good but also with criminal assault and murder. now some background will be necessary here. the laws of this world were often vaguely worded and loosely applied, as no law existed for tampering with the gateways between worlds these arrested adepts were at first very confident of being let off. technically what they were doing was not a crime.endangering the common good ,however was (one of the few statutes that were very clear) according to the law of this place anyone who committed an action could be legally responsible for anything that happened as a result of it. so telling them they could be charged with murder was no idle threat. there had been hundreds of deaths in the area for no apparent reason. there were sightings of unknown and strange creatures,one of them giving off a phosphorescent glow, bodies were found, including one with every bit of oxygen drained from its body.no cause of death,other than loss of all oxygen could be pinpointed. inevitably the suspicion of the adepts fell on the pseudo-adepts . the reasoning was, no body has ever been found in a condition like this before, the only motive possible is some inter-dimensional creature,unaccustomed to oxygen, took the easy way to get some by drawing all the oxygen from the first person they encountered and both the statement and the inference from it were not unlikely. therefore these pseudo-adepts would have a rude awakening if they ever faced a court of law. by their own admission they had been tampering with the gateways between worlds . many of the bodies seemed to have no reason for their death and a few of them had substances which were not native to this dimension. the law enforcement officers took their prisoners outside. they sat down on some rocks.then one of them said "look there. here comes our advocate" advocate was a term used with a wide range of meanings from advocate of a cause to a lawyer who argues your case in court. in this case it meant an adept who was the driving force behind their attempt to thrust aside the curtain which separates worlds. this adept had quite a reputation as a healer, psychic and advocate of multi-dimensional communication, even to the extent of talking to and bolstering the willingness of some adepts who showed doubt that this would be a good thing. [continued]