Woke up in a panic attack from a dream

I have a situationship with a men from another country who currently doesn’t talk to me out of nowhere, after 4 month of love bombing. So I dream that I’m at my Grandparents house in the countryside. Long table, a flirt with Prince Harry - I don’t know why him. I see in the corner of my eye my men and I ignore him, he ignores me. I go with PHarry in the street and let him go. Going back inside, I’m at my situationship’s house in his country, with my friends. He come down and sees me, hugs me, kisses me and takes me upstairs in his arms to the 5th floor where his bedroom his. I’m the bedroom he puts me on the bed but has to go quickly downstairs. I go to the door and a men, apparently a friend of his, talks to me. I’m mean to him and he jumps out of the window. My men is going back down to call the police, his other woman friends looks at me and says I caused the suicide. He come back up and can’t sleep to me. I see a woman’s name on his phone, confront him and he confesses he’s marrying her in march 2024. I cry, break, yell, hit him and wake up in a panic attack. I don’t know how to handle this dream