World of Warcraft dream


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This means sound crazy but hear me out. I was playingthis game World of Warcraft When I decided to join a group for a raid on a dungeon. The leader was J K Simmons. Yes THE J.K Simmons. People were telling me about his very strict rules about his raids where people were actually dying in Real life. I remember his game name was Doctor Rain. Think of his character In the movie Whiplash but 100 times more insane.

Anyway we start the raid And everything goes off without a hitch. I mean we were tearing through this place at record speed. We reach one of the Bosses that was known to be pretty tough. The Doc made sure if anyone screw up they would pay the consequences. We start the battle and it was going well then one of our key players starts to lag behind. He was given a warning but its continues so Doc banishes him from the game never to play again.

I don't remember much after that i