a secret mission and a dangerous situation part 1

this dream begins in a wooded area.we moved silently through the woods,eventually reaching a large stone structure which we entered by way of a secret passage. this passage was steep it was necessaery to get a grip on rungs at the side of the wall. finally we came to an entrance,a door which led into a small space like a closet,only larger. then opened into a hallway. we moved noiselessly.at one point there were 2 corridors,each branching off in two direction like the letter y. we took the right hand side. i was with someone i did not know in real life but did know in the dream. there were 4 other people,with us, none of whom i knew in waking world. then finally we reached a door which led to a stairway which led to a mezzanine-like place. He removed a curtain to reveal another secret passage, which we entered. then we came to an unusual door. on this door there was a panel with 4 rows of signs. 4 keys, an iron one, the other three were bronze,copper and tin. in order to enter one had to have the right combination. 4 fruits-pear,apple,strawberry and pineapple-and line them up correctly with the right chemical notation and the right gemstone.ruby,topaz sapphire and alexandrite. only then could someone enter. in short, they had a foolproof way to ensure no one unauthorized entered. my friend knew the right combination,so we entered.hearing sounds and voices ahead we knew that at last here was some sign of human activity. when we got in closer we realized it was place like a laboratory where several experiments were being conducted at once glass tubes and vials marked with labels and notations in code of geometric shapes and alchemical symbols. there were several levels of rooms connected to each other by secret passages and tunnels hidden behind solid masonry and brick walls.the one by which had entered was only one of them.they could be opened only by entering the right code combination on panels cleverly hidden behind innocuous seeming objects such as a closet door or a lamp,just as we had done. [continued]


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Hi J, Apologies for the delay in taking a look at your dream.
Here are the symbols that seem important in this part. The key is to spot the main theme and then relate the other symbols to this - at first glance it looks like a classic birthing dream. Elements of our birth appear in nearly every dream, as it's such an important and impactful event in our lives. In dreams that reference birth, we would expect to see the gifts/abilities you brought to Earth in this dream, and also why you came - i.e. your life purpose.

Wooded area - often about digestion
Entering a building - often about birth (incarnation, entering the body)
Secret passage (steep)
Small space like a closet - womb (small space, no windows)
Hallway - uterus
2 corridors brancing off like a Y - Fallopian tubes
Right hand side - masculine side
With a group of people - You have a spiritual leadership/teaching gift (gifts are often seen with dreams about birth).
Opening doors - You're being asked to create opportunities to overcome (go through) some obstacle in your path.
the number 4 (three times) - There is some kind of limitation or restriction
Metal keys - You hold the solution / knowledge to solve a problem regarding a masculine energy aspect (perhaps part of your life purpose).
Fruits - reproductive system
Gems - valuable, i.e. your gifts are valuable.
Laboratory & experiments -
Secret codes to enter, i.e. restrictions

Was there anything unusual about the circumstances of your conception/birth? Also, how does the laboratory & experiments relate to your view of life? Are you using your spiritual leadership/teaching ability? (A spiritual leader empowers others to help them solve their own problems, with an open and compassionate heart. It works through the feminine energy - i.e. the heart).

Maybe there are some ideas that resonate here?