All my recorded dreams on one thread

My first post was on February 8th this year and since then I took the time to try and remember my dreams when I first awaken as often as possible. Now there's 22 separate threads that I created, each containing a single dream. Since this forum has few members and posting is sparse and irregular I decided to put all my dream recollections in one topic so that it doesn't appear that I am spamming up the place because obviously I am the most active poster here.

I will repost all my dreams here and then continue posting my new dreams on this topic. These are my real dreams. I leave out details but don't fabricate anything. Some dreams I won't be sharing, but here's about 80% of them.


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Restaurant and bar (2-8-2022)

Long walk through city (2-9-2022)
Escaping a movie theater (2-13-2022)
The House (2-15-2022)
Another House (2-15-2022)
Delivering things (2-18-2022)
Strip mall and Christmas visit (2-19-2022)
Trailer in the casino (2-20-2022)
War and revolution (2-24-2022)
Taxi puns (2-28-2022)
Knowing this dream is recurring and the gerbil (3-1-2022)
Lifeless wilderness hike (3-2-2022)
Teeth breaking and falling out (3-3-2022)
The house on the edge of town (3-6-2022)
Miles of receipt paper (3-6-2022)
Wilderness guide and high resolution extra sensory video game (3-11-2022)
Strange industrial park (3-12-2022)
Guardian angel (3-18-2022)

Recurring city dream (3-21-2022)

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Laser gun fight, box building (3-23-2022)

Primitive scene set in modern tech (3-25-2022)
Money, a 1980s store and spiders (3-30-222)
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Restaurant and bar
February 8th, 2022

I was in this very uptown bar made to look like a cozy log cabin and just finished my meal. Although everything was physical all of the people there knew we were in the spirit world. The others were upset that I was financially stable and so they were unfriendly although we didnt actually talk but the notion seemed more sensed than visual.

The lighting was dim with old fashioned lanterns, stained wood walls and floors, old fashioned wall decorations. I was wearing nice blue jeans with a white and green button up collared shirt with a regular size sharp collar, like the way they used to be, not like these mini collars with buttons through them that you see at the stores these days. I picked up a second shirt that was similar but blue and left my table.

The waitress/server was my aunty in another life, not this one, and she was sad to see me go because she hadnt seen me for a very long time. She says that shes disappointed that I didnt take the shirt with circles and offers to take my squares shirt and give me the circles shirt. I refuse and she becomes like the others there who badly want me to be broke, as she now wants me to be like an obedient child not a self sufficient man, she wants to make my decisions for me. I smile anyways and continue to leave, saying goodbye as I pass my long lost aunty at the counter of the bar. She is stacking dishes behind the counter.

I go upstairs into another similarly styled small room but this room is filled with expensive items of luxury meant for someone with high status. Theres two people up there who get suspicious when I enter. I keep going past them into an even smaller cubby hole area behind a curtain and look at whats in there. A bucket with expensive champaigne and two small wooden kegs held together with gold strips and some other very luxurious items. This wasnt what I was searching for so I turn around to leave but the shirt in my hand is gone and in its place are two disposable shaving razors. This alerts the servers in the room and I double time it out of there while shoving the razors into my pocket unsuccessfully hiding them. I get to the top of the stairs and then awaken.

Once awake I quickly got the notion that this was a yacht, not a cabin.

Long walk through city​

February 9th, 2022

I was with a small troupe and we were navigating this maze like city resident zone, walking through crowded 1-2 story neighborhoods in zigzag streets and into backdoors, out front doors. There was much that I quickly forgot. It must have been like a sprawling Indian city. I keep wanting to say Calcutta but I never been there and dont know anything about what it looks like.
Escaping a movie theater
February 13th, 2022

I was in this huge building with at least two floors connected with a ballroom sort of staircase that curves like a half circle, short carpet, lots of red like a movie theater. So, I'm in there, right, and not a whole lot is making sense. Theres these hot young women running around and they were friendly but these ultra tall bodybuilder guys started ****ing with my head. I wanted to leave and couldnt get out. Now these guys were supposedly like family but they were being cruel to me and so I finally found a staricase again and ran up behind this particularly spiteful giant guy and pushed him hard and he went tumbling down through the crevice where the staircase parts with the walkway. I heard him hit and sort of go argh. I felt bad for a second but knew this guy was my enemy because he was against me so much or something. Note: remembering this dream makes no sense but inside the dream it was like totally making sense. So, I killed this bodybuilder guy but I wasnt scared of prison because I knew that I was leaving the theater any second now and would be getting away with it.

I didnt find his body and there wasnt an entrance down there but it was another floor identical to the last and I forgot that I pushed him to his death. And so theres these girls again and they are attractive and nice to me and they work there or something but I need to find my way out of the movie theater and they dont know how to help because they cant understand me so I leave wanting to stay with them but I was in a hurry. And so, theyre gone, and I find another staircase exactly like the last one! By now I had forgotten about the last staircase but suddenly it all came back to me and at the top of the steps I see the back of this bodybuilder guy and immediately I become enraged with passionate anger (like a toddler) because how cruel the last bodybuilder was so I attack him without hesitation and hit him in his back and over he goes but this time it sounded much worse when he hit and I realized he wasnt my enemy but he was someone I really cared about like he was my brother or uncle and this time I knew how guilty I was and felt this deep sorrow. I went down the stairs horrified at who I might find at the end of the staircase but woke up before I reached it with this horribly sad regretful feeling.
The House
February 15th, 2022

There was this house with an attic, ground floor and basement. Two paths from one to the other, a staircase and then a floor door that you lift in the attic. It was night time and difficult to see. A TV was on in the attic.

My best friend was there but he turned against me and let an enemy in the house who was pretending to be a friend, he planned something evil against me. When they left suddenly and went down the stairs from the attic I took the other path that went to the basement from the attic, then I found the stairs out of the basement.

They panicked when they couldn't find me after what evil they planned. I got away, going outside. Strangely I never visited the ground floor and the house was a composite of different houses I lived in when I was young. This was my first dream. Second dream forgotten except the last bit.
Another House
February 15th, 2022

I showed up and my brother and sister needed me to take them to somewhere but not yet, there was still time to get sleep. There were other people in this house and the porch was the same as the one we lived in as youngsters. So everyone went to sleep except me, I prepared food for the trip, placing it neatly in an oversized paper bag, using deli paper to protect each food item, most of which were sub sandwiches. I got nostalgic and went downstairs to the garage that was where the basement should be. This doesnt make sense in reality but thats how it was. There was this thing sitting there and it communicated with me mentally, telling me how fun it was going to be and how awesome everyone would think I was, and truly this thing made me feel great for a second but I soon realized it was a trick with serious drawbacks so I told the thing I must leave and wasnt interested with impressing people and then left without reconsidering. I went back upstairs to the porch where everyone else was but my brother and sister had already left so I wondered why they left without me and who were these other people. I was stunned and felt numb and without physical feeling and then I woke up.
Delivering things
February 18th, 2022

I was on this line that was delivering things on a topless rocket wagon. The delivery rocket wagon was on a route like a bus but the driver was giving us the items to deliver, no boxes or packaging. I say rocket wagon because it was incredibly fast and made of wood, but there wasnt actual rockets on it. This last ride the driver and other passengers really didnt like me and was totally rude. We rocketed up this hill and I requested they stop because we were way past where I needed to be. He kept going and pretended he couldnt hear me. So, the driver eventually reversed his engine and rocketed backwards down the hill to the bottom then I jump off and they start throwing me items, first one was a thing with a long handle like a plastic headed rake but sort of scoop like. They throw smaller items onto the rake head and I carefully balance the items on there as other people, the citizens, greedily snatch a lot of the items before I can get to them. Theres about five small items on there and the citizens take twice as many that landed on the ground before I can retrieve them.

I go slowly up the skinny street. This was obviously medieval times. The people were crude and to modern standards very poor even in dress. Their clothes were hand made and were not of plastic or metal, just cotton. This was Europe, cant tell what country, but they sounded like a strange language. So I got these small items on a rake and I'm trying to protect them as I slowly walk up this alley street. There's stone in the street with a dirty ditch straight up the middle. The buildings are boxlike and pale in color. I guess some of them are gardening, pulling weeds or something, but I am finding difficulty understanding what is going on, because theres no plants, starting to see that this is a dream, then I awaken.
Strip mall and Christmas visit
February 19th, 2022

We had already been travelling for some time but that part of the dream is forgotten. We arrived at this strip mall that was about the size and shape of your standard barracks, two buildings, with about 100-150 yards apart, parking lot between them. It was dark and dusky gray, like black and white but a tint of color, barely noticeable. We parked in front of the 7-eleven and got out, moments later this other guy shows up in a surprise visit. He pulls out a store front identical to the one we are standing in front of. My immediate impression is what good is just the windows and door going to do you? It was all attached together and he was moving it around like it weighed nothing. He said he brought it all the way from California himself because they sold it to him really cheap and he was going to open a store, this saved him a lot of money. (we were on the East coast) I pointed at the 7-eleven and said but theres already a 7-eleven here, he said he was putting it on the other side of the strip mall in that other building. I thought his idea was ridiculous and wasnt going to work.

So me and who I was with left him there in the parking lot to his own tasks, driving away into the town, and wondered why he of all people would show up like that considering the bad history we had with him and why he was so nice and calm with us when all of our experience with him before was very tense and stressful. He was the last person we would ever anticipate.

So now its Christmastime and I am in the passenger seat. Strangely I cannot remember who I was with or what they looked like, its a black hole in my memory. We are going to families house and everyone in the car sees this evening as a special event not just a holiday because I was gone for so long and we werent in touch at all during the absence. They dont blame me for it and know I acted in both their and my own best interests and saved them from danger. This city was like the one I was born in, the downtown area, making me nostalgic, but much larger because we drove for so long without reaching a mountain or a river or the ocean.

We get to where we're going and the house is beautifully decorated with Christmas stuff and the whole scene is picturesque and movie-like. The others disappear as we all enter and the person who was waiting for me was there and suddenly I was struck with how old he was, making me instantly sad to see him like that. First of all he wasnt family but he felt like family, he was considering me like one of his own. Second of all he was a famous guy who was very aware of who I was and what I endured in the early 2000's. He was so apologetic and saddened and fearful that I wouldnt forgive him. He sort of shrank away when I saw him because he felt so guilty for the cruel things I went through that he watched without acting upon. This was way in the past though and I was way over it. I was just so saddened to see he was that old, he looked 150. I gave him a hug and told him I missed him and I could tell that he had been waiting there for me distraught at what was about to happen. He was filled with regrets about me and all I wanted was to relieve that weight so he could be happy, it was Christmastime after all.

We walked around his house and it was decorated so nicely, very upscale place. He was like my grampa now and we were family although we really werent.
Trailer in the casino
February 20th, 2022

So this starts in a casino or hotel type setting without the slots and without lots of people running around. Very tall ceilings, large oversized doorway, well lit, tons of space. This area turns to the right through the doorway into an expanded hall and I am talking with this very large giant. When his normal human wife arrives I follow them out of there and directly into their RV. They sit up near the coach and I go back into a sleeping area on a skinny bunk I can barely fit in on the right side. I see them talking and start to fall asleep but then they soon wake me up with their noise when they enter the area I am in and plop onto the carpet to my left. He took his shirt off and starts rolling onto his belly. I go back to sleep and close my eyes but then notice theres someone even further down the trailer beyond me but his face is hidden, buried into his arm. He is lying in a very luxurious soft cushion thing. He talks to me with his mind saying he needs help, hes out of this drug. I start to say I dont know but then he shows me his face and I literally shudder and tremble in pure horror. The way the communication goes down is instantaneous, not linear like speaking. All these things were said at the same time: 1 ) He says ah but you can help 2 ) I ask how 3 ) He shows me a picture of him holding a long needle 4 ) I know he means to use the needle in my brain 5 ) I tell him no 6 ) he says I will never escape. Seriously all these things were said instantaneously at the same time in like a nano second. I jump to my feet and run out of there past him through the second doorway that leads right back into the casino hotel looking area where I started before they can stop me. My shoes are gone so I must find them and so I run around through the route I took earlier and hope to get my shoes before they can find me because I know once I get outside I wont be fast barefoot on the rocks. So its a matter of finding my shoes or face a horrific end. Then I wake up.
War and revolution
February 24th, 2022

We were rounded up and relocated to a temporary shelter then accounted for. There were dozens of us and this building is wooden and old. I dont know what is going on and why we're there, its some sort of emergency. We are there only about ten minutes before they start moving everyone out in a hurry.
We are led outside where its a sunny morning and marched quickly to escape boats. Its medeival times and very fantasy like and we are all civilians.

Theres two lines of people dressed in expensive medeival fantasy clothes and everything is sunny and glowing but somewhat blurry. The ecape boats are made to lie inside of and their tops are armored and closed with hinges. The waterway is skinny, barely able to the boats inside of but its difficult to get to because of the marshlike conditions. A few enemies appear, one with an oversized fantasy bow. He stops about dozens of feet away from me and shoots arrows into the escape boat as someone is getting into it and lying down, shooting three arrows and killing them. The boat is launched anyways with the top open and the next person in line is sent into the next boat but the archer gets them too with again three more massive arrows. The arrows are launched simultaneously and are highly decorated and about five feet long.

There is a roar behind us. I go back to look once the archer is eliminated and more guerrillas are attacking the line to the escape boats. The roar is from a second crowd with weapons, killing everyone in their path, running direct toward us.

I return to the escape area and then turn a corner, a crowd is there waiting to leave or be instructed and they are all wearing white shirts. The crowd starts to disperse and I start running up an alley and nearly all the crowd of civilians run up the main road with the attackers slaughtering them. I run for a long stretch maybe a mile and this alley turns into a heavenly glorious and glowing country path only some feet wide, a few others are behind me also trying to escape. None of the guerilas followed us but we're going as fast as we can anyways.

Theres nice houses with large yards on either side of each fence mostly hidden in dense foliage. They are peaceful country houses. Near the end of the alley it dead ends so I start climbing this fence and theres a vast sunflower field on the other side of it. I look back and see only one person made it, a young woman who reaches the place where I started to climb right as I leap into the sunflowers.
Taxi puns
February 28th, 2022

So this taxi was taking me somewhere, getting his directions off a tablet on his dashboard. We went on a while, each direction given appearing like a pun, so it was obvious he wasn't making the puns himself but he could see that the directions were puns that were insults to me and he thought they were amusing. He drove me around in a winding illogical path. Eventually he let me out and left. It was the wrong location but he was gone before I could get back in. Where he left me was a pun somehow, I forget what the pun was, but it involved an oversized shoe suspended above with a skinny line through it, held up between the two brick buildings like a metal clothesline. I left the parking lot where the taxi left me and this was like downtown at the city of my birth again, except with taller buildings. I went inside a shop and it was like a barn stable with this blob monster that was chosen over a familiar human by some well known girl and this made everyone furious and thats why she had to hide. I left, despising the monster, it giving me a dead eye look. I was lost and didn't know where to go and I walk around some more before waking up.
Knowing this dream is recurring and the gerbil
March 1st, 2022

There were two dreams, first one forgotten except a few details. Second dream was recurring and while in the dream I instinctively knew that I'd been there before and that I needed to immediately leave although I wasnt specifically aware that I was dreaming. It was like I almost knew that it was a dream but not quite but I knew something was up and somehow that remembering this dream was advantage. This was an urban house with a small yard near a city center with busy traffic. The time before that I was here I made my escape from certain demise and now I knew these people were a replay of sorts and they werent aware like I was.

There was this wooden box thing sort of in a shape of a stairstep but not quite, couldn't be used as one but almost looked like one. There was waxy brown paper glued to the bottom of the wooden thing but one side had become detached. I felt responsible to reattach it but couldnt find how to get some adhesives so I tried to hide it away. But the old old ancient woman knew and she had these coins flowing out of the sides of her head that were in the shape of the wax paper flaps on the wooden thing, so, I couldnt truly hide it. I still remembered that something was wrong though and this was a replay so I felt okay that I wouldnt be worried about the wooden box and wax paper thing. So I placed it under something to hide it anyways.

I was about to leave before danger started, knowing the scenario, but a bunch of people arrived suddenly before I could, blocking all exits. They were mildly evil I could tell but somehow manageable that they werent savage and wild like an animal with rabies. But you could tell and they thought I would never have a clue that they were evil. So I let them believe I was the easy suckerchump and worked on a plan to escape. Some of them had to leave but would be back soon, they left in the car on the driveway. That left the old old woman and the girl who seemed like my sister but was an imposter trying to imitate family. I tricked her into leaving the room for a second and then made my run out the door, relieved that I was out of there.

But I quickly entered the previous dream that is now mostly forgotten instead of leaving the house and then was back in the urban house once again but in a bedroom area with a gerbil in my hand. This gerbil was fluffy and loveable and I was almost distracted before remembering that it was a dire need to leave this house before those evil people returned. So I regrettfully let the gerbil drop away from me into a pile of clothing or blankets or something similar and then walked away. But then the gerbil started squeaking like it was seriously injured so I returned and picked it up. The gerbil was kicking its leg and gagging like it was dying or having a seizure. I actually had to check twice because I didnt see it on my first look but half its nose/upper teeth was broken off like porcelein and blood gushed out of the wound down the gerbils throat. I shook in horror at what I'd done to this cute innocent animal and then set it down to let it die on its own.

I turned to walk away and a very bold voice that came from the gerbil but over the dream like a loud narrator or announcer reminiscent of 1950s movies, bold and formal and manly. The gerbil continued to squeak as it died although that voice talked like it was the gerbil but obviously wasnt the gerbil saying it physically. The gerbil blamed me for killing it. I pleaded that it was truly an accident that I didnt mean to harm it. I was trying to escape evil. The gerbil said that it condemned me to certain hell when I died that it would make sure my afterlife was certain pain. He used a specific word that I forgot but is ancient and deeply meaningful in his description of my condemnation and this was how I knew he wasnt merely a gerbil but probably God himself. Realizing that he was indeed likely God himself and that was why he was confident in condemning me to certain "________" (life in hell?) I immediately repented and started to beg the gerbil to spare my soul that I would do what was asked of me. But this wasnt a normal repentance it was pure from the depths of my soul, I never felt like this before. And having expended myself in such a pure way and cleansed myself of all evils and wrongfulness in my plea to gain Gods mercy he still wasnt merciful and spitefully sent an insult as it finally died. I knew then that it wasnt really God himself but an imposter made of evil because few men could humble themselves as I had done and purify themselves so well and thorough in such a quick time to appeal to God.

I woke up remembering both dreams but got confused and almost went back to sleep, having forgotten that I was saving my dreams, so by the time I got my wits about me first dream was forgotten except a few details.
Lifeless wilderness hike
March 2nd, 2022

We're at this outdoor area with a short mountain, trail climb but no trees and we went out there not because we truly wanted but we were together for different reasons. It was me and like 6 other guys and we were all young like around 25 or 30. I dont know any of these guys and none of them resemble real friends I previously had, they were there because they got something out of it beyond their normal pay but I didnt have a choice for some reason and it quickly became realized that we did not get along. Me, because I was being exploited and had no choice and none of them were being the least respectful. Them, because I wasn't the easy passivist they thought I'd be and didn't take their ****. Either way we needed to get out of there now whether we liked each other or not and I showed them the way regretfully because we started pushing at eachother and were probably going to fight and I would rather just leave them to die as ****ty as they were being. This was like a desolate rocky hill, almost another planet the hill was about 30 meters tall, reminding me of mountain hikes through a timber farm but half to a third as tall and of course completely dead of trees or life. We started to despise each other and it wasnt only me vs them it was them vs them too so all I was concerned with was ending this trip as soon as possible but every time there was any **** towards me I automatically retaliated without hesitation because there was no patience left in me and I couldnt take anymore any longer, theres so much a person has their limits and they took me way beyond mine. I don't know why we were there or what objective we were fulfilling and where it was but that wasnt the point, Im guessing it was about getting along with people. We weren't wearing space suits but it didn't seem like earth either. There was this real sense that I was expected to be a pushover to be exploited but I don't know how that works in a desolate landscape on a hike I think it was more a mirror of my reality in some way.

I forgot some things while writing this and almost didnt get motivated at all after waking up because its difficult to remember that I also need to write these down. So, that loss of time is loss of detail.
Teeth breaking and falling out
March 3rd, 2022

In the dream my teeth are breaking and I must pick them out of my mouth, rolling them on my tongue first. There isnt much time because theres this girl with long dark hair that I must pick up and she is amazing, I was driving something that wasn't a car, like antigravity ski-do but standing not sitting. The road is a winding marshlands road like the ones in the country of my home town. Im starting to get desperate because I spit out at least three teeth and I dont want this girl to see me like this. Each tooth I lose though releives the pain. But I make it and then I wake up.
The house on the edge of town
March 6th, 2022

We get to this house on the edge of town theres this slope in front of the house and its lit with a floodlight while in the house its wood floors and very tall ceilings. Theres a neighbor very close next door but I was advised not to alert them at all. I could see in there that the house next door was occupied and very busy as described. While our house was victorian era two stories very classic, theirs next door was more like modern one story plain box like apartments.

Its late night like two am and the people Im with are in a hurry and need to leave me there. For some reason I wanted them to leave but they were coming back they said and told me to close up this house as fast as possible because these people were wild animals and I would be in a terror to let them in. So they left in a flash and couldnt even stay to help close the house up. And so I had to let the pet out, or it went out on its own either way I waited for it to come back and hid myself away behind the doorway while trying to close the other door, thinking it was better to abandon the pet to the animals outside. I was afraid of a bear or a lion.

Before I was able to close the other door I knew something was coming and I went into terror survival mode went lightning fast trying to shut this door in a nanosecond or somehow through another dimension where time doesnt exist but there was a huge blast but it was without sound it was like all the atoms in the air made a pop but didnt explode and my friends arrived. I thought it was the animals getting in before the door could be shut but I was so glad they were my friends when I realized who they really were. The ceilings were very high because these people were tall and thinner than the thinnest human youd ever see. They looked smooth as snakes without the shine like they were made of melted plastic. This was their disguise they told me before I woke up and they didnt want to scare me so they kept their faces hidden. This taller one was a female but I couldnt really tell by looking at her she had to tell me with pictures and this was her house she was keeping me calm and couldnt let me near the others somewhere behind her where I couldnt see. So all that terror went away and then I woke up.

I took a long minute to remember this dream, almost forgetting most of it but recovering it right on time. There was more about the trip to the house that I forgot and couldnt recover.
Miles of receipt paper
March 6th, 2022

It was midnight again and we were in a 1800's style pharmacy but filled with liquors and food like a convenience store. I was working with people I work with in real life. A customer wanted a price check on liquor asking if there was anything under $20 and I asked my lead because I was new and didnt know she said yes the 81 rum and the "something I forgot". The customer handed me a bottle and we went over to the register. The bottle was almost empty clear plastic with a yellow label and a red 81. I scanned it but pressed the wrong button. Suddenly the register started shooting out a line of stickers as I felt them as I tried to stop it. Then all the other computers started shooting out blank receipt paper so I step aside as my lead and my manager (of the closing shift) hurry over to try to stop the machines. The receipt paper bunches up floor to ceiling in an escher like pattern as it coils in on itself and snakes back and forth. I tear down this wall of receipt paper as the customers leave. I soon wake.
Wilderness guide and high resolution extra sensory video game
March 11th, 2022

This dream is a video game very unconventional from reality with reality mixed in.

We started off this mountain path, I been here many times before in wilderness dreams so I know where to take these people. We find the right landmarks reached in previous dreams and I'm impressed with myself to remember them all to show these people because its a rough dangerous path and I was constantly worried. We get there and then I leave them in town, soon its like a video game but I dont know how to play. The map is 3d with me looking down across it like the edge of a table. I am pulling this material off and rubbing smooth the landscape, the material is like saran wrap but more like a blanket the contours are the landscape. With one hand I rub the landscape flat and smooth, it feels like real cold butter that doesn't melt or a perfectly easy clay that doesn't stick or evaporate.

I find something and am suddenly taken away to a sidescrolling scene left to right and theres buffalo coming from the right but they look like oversized 16 bit and pixelated. This scene is so very impressive and ultra vivid with bright colors and well seen detail just like a real video game but the resolution is very high with many more pixels across the screen than most any monitor you'd use so there's plenty of space for detail although its a 16 bit scene, so you could say my vision has widened a lot like maybe I now have more eyes and you'd compare this to your normal human sight during waking hours would be like having two heads. So this ultra wide vision isn't so bad because you can process it just fine only its disappointing when you're awake to see how limited and dull your real vision is. So these 16bit buffalo are coming from the right and I don't know what to do because I dont even know its a battle scene like an an RPG. But I find out that I'm shooting them from the left of the screen and there's these lines of objects interspersed with these buffalo flying towards the left as well in simple formations like lines and goose formations. So I'm shooting at them Gradius style and cant get them all and go into panic mode because I am terrified they're gonna kill me if I let them through so I get ultra aggressive and start hitting them all and so in response the game makes itself harder and switches to a different view where these buffalo are coming straight at me from my front towards the camera and so now I have to shoot them Galaga style but everythings in hyper vivid high resolution 16 bit. I kill a couple of them but theres too many coming at me but that's alright because I beat the battle scene and I am taken away back onto the map but this one I am familiarized with on the location and the butter topography thing is gone.

I am very excited because I remember this dream world so well and set upon myself to take advantage of my memory but then I am taken away back to town where I left the others and they are very unhappy with me that I went on a buffalo killing spree and the game starts upon penalizing me for my violation although it was a life and death situation.

I awaken and actually don't realize I am awake, laying there feeling this strange pleasure in my brain and my ears like my inner ears are completely gone, that pressure you feel like theres open space there and my brain is relaxed and detached, its some sort of hormone to keep me relaxed and sedate. Then suddenly I am aware that I'm awake and prevent myself from going back to sleep so that I can write down my dream.

Highlights of the dream were remembering where I was and all the landmarks of this landscape as I'd done this many times and each time I was either alone watching for danger or being chased by wild animals through this same wilderness but this was my first time with companions. And there was this very intense feeling of exhileration during this scene as the excitement was very full and affecting. The game part was very impressive and being sucked into the game like that surprised me a lot but somehow I was able to figure out how to play although there was no real sense of using my hands on a controller or mouse and keyboard of any sort. Was a great dream to have since my dreaming isn't being frequent in recent months and usually dull. The high resolution wide screen thing was very impressive and brought a pleasure of added sense and depth and as always with high resolution ultra vivid dreams waking up is so disappointing.

On a side note I think this hormone keeps us from getting out of control because dreams can be so illogical and confusing so it sedates us in a way that makes us feel safe and relaxed even while fighting danger in a dream. Thats why you usually don't seem to have a problem with not knowing where you are or what you're doing. Same hormone that numbs your nervous system is what I believe.
Strange industrial park
March 12th, 2022

This starts in some sort of industrial zone. It was me and someone familiar but not family, he was like my brother it seems and he knew this place well. We were on some sort of mission and I was being extra cautious. This place was confusing and illogical how we went from one area to the other as the entrances were a few feet up on the wall without stairs to them and they were wide and short doorways when the hatches open so we basically had to crawl into them. The hatches open from the center vertically, like a mouth, with the opening horizontal.

We were searching for something on the modules inside one of the buildings. The inside of this building was bare and empty and about 30 feet wall to wall with high ceilings and the doors were those wide crawl hatches on two opposing walls. We each crouched on a module and he was trying to open it. But soon we were found and he took care of the enemy somehow out my sight and told me dont move. He returned and had to back off of his module because a small hole appears and a flying robot forms, about the size of a small bird. The robot is pointy at the bottom and rounded on top, smooth and black and white colored. It flies without wings and when its done forming it synchs with my companion mentally and has an order to find a specific individual, he must synch with it and exchange information or he would be in danger just like me, so he goes through the protocol, lying to the machine about so and so and it flies off to find him. So now hes in a hurry to escape and we have to abandon our mission before more of these flying robots are formed.

Before we can get out the hatch another one forms over the module I was on and he must once again synch with it when its done or it will automatically pursue him and when its done it says my name that it needs to find me so my companion once again lies to the robot about my location and it flies off without even recognizing me. He says we must hurry and soon we leave through the hatch we came through but I lose him and am on my own, wandering around this checkerboard industrial park, where the buildings are square and alternate with open spaces like a checkerboard.

The hatch I need to go through has something large and blue smooth up against it so I must wait for it to move. When it backs off I see its a giant garbage truck lifting a huge trash dumpster with a crane arm. I jump out if the hatch and run underneath the dumpster which is really the size of a house and across the area. To my left I see another huge truck but its on its side and I see the bottom of it. The crane arm is reaching onto the platform and chomping through this web like structure that looks like the shape of fat webbing through beef flesh but its shiney and reflective and made of hard material. And this crane is on its side and pulling on this webbing, yanking its bottom half towards the platform repeatedly. The garbage truck spills something as I run under it and I am splashed with this thick clear goo head to toe. I keep running across the lot towards the street.

Across the street is another huge truck in the background, godzilla movie style, made of ginormous wrenches fitted together and it looks like an old fashioned movie projector screen. This construction truck thing is tall as a ten story building and its crane is pointed left, grabbing at something, but its at a safe distance with a long gap. Across the street is a grassy area with a safe slope on the right and a dangerous slope on the left where the ocean is at the bottom but its a long fall with rocks at the bottom. Theres a step of about five feet tall on the left of this grassy dirt area thats barely wide enough for two people before finally dropping off. On the right theres a trailer house and the bottom of the slope and although its not as dangerous its a steep hill and it would be difficult getting back up. So I run to this area across the street (the sticky goo is gone and my clothes are dry once more) finding safety from the robots at the industrial park and Im watching this huge crane truck made of wrenches like its a movie screen and then this tall Japanese man shows up with a 1980s style personal camera and starts taking pictures of this truck thing. I am relieved that I am not alone and then two more people show up, an older man and older woman, maybe late 50s age. The woman goes to the left of me and the man of the right and the Japanese guy has gone. The woman slips and falls down to the dangerous area and grabs my leg. I am now on my belly feeling her slip and drag me with her. I say to the man arent you going to help her and he says he doesnt know who she is he isnt with her but he doesnt help me he walks down the hill to the right. The woman is pulling me towards the ledge and I cant get a grip on the grasses and rocks and tell her ma'am let go of my leg but she keeps pulling so I kick her off my legs and get up and shes gone. I look down the hill and up at the wrench crane truck thing one more time before I wake up.
Guardian angel
March 18th, 2022

My guardian angel shows up to get me in my dream while I'm exploring one of the tops of these forested mountains with a two lane road going down them. The houses are like vacation homes and I feel like the inhabitants are visiting temporarily. I start running to get away from something I don't remember but I don't get far when a guardian angel shows up to get me out of there in his real awesome looking high powered car, its like one of those futuristic lamborginis or the like but not exactly. Nothing like what you'd ever see. He says get in quick you don't got time so I get in but this thing is way too small for a human and the windows are one way so I didn't notice that they went all the way down to my ankles when he tried closing it and it wouldn't close. So he damned me for not knowing it was a squeeze and says shift sideways so I turn my hips and try pulling the hatch in and I pull it wrong and he gets upset again saying hurry because you got no time left but somehow I close the hatch with only a second left and he leaps into action without missing a beat and we shoot off down the mountain road with this thing right on our asses. Its so freaking fast and powerful its undescribable and we hug the road like a magnet on a track.

We get way ahead of this thing but it knows where we are so we stop for something I can't remember what but its kilometers ahead down this mountain road. Its like a small resort with vacation homes with this small parking lot. We get out and do something that involves exploring and soon he hurries us back to the car and this time I don't mess up getting into it and find a position that doesn't squeeze my ankles so much at the bottom lip of the window. And bang we're off once again like a cannon without a boom, ultra high acceleration and we're getting close to the bottom of the mountain and the angel starts getting very erratic as he says this thing of evil is closing in on us and we enter this subterranean tunnel cut into the side of the mountain that loops around to the right with a sharp angle of descent with slatted windows on the left and now my adrenaline is kicked in and poof the car is gone and we're standing there at the ending part of this tunnel and the sky out the slatted windows is a deep starry dark blue.

The angel goes berzerk about his car disappearing but theres this bird and he says catch the bird don't let it escape because somehow his car turned into this bird and we chased it around knowing it cant get away because we're in this tunnel and somehow I get my hands on it and theres this monumental struggle to hold onto it, I mean, this bird can squeeze out of my hands like its made of something stretchy and really dense and first time I took my hands onto its wings and was afraid that I'd break its wings but like I said it was really unbelievable dense and shape shifting to get away feeling like clay in my hands. So I struggle and it starts pulling me along the ground while I clutch onto it with all my strength knowing I can't let it go no matter what. And second swing onto it I get it pressed against my chest and wings folding mostly down onto its body and its going so ****ing hard its like pulling my body into a stretch like it does but I am determined to not let go and my angel is there with me to help make sure that this thing doesn't get away. But it squeezes out through all openings in my arms and fingers and I'm now not worried of harming it from the hard struggle and knowing what its made of and it starts flapping its wings and my hands slide to its feet and I clutch on with all my strength to its feet, I can feel the talons and scaly dry flesh, but I refuse to let go and it starts stretching me like through a new dimension and the angel is telling do not let go. And I am stretching in the direction of this bird and the guardian angel is trying to bring us back to inside the car but everything is critical and I musn't let go. And then I wake up.
Recurring city dream
March 21st, 2022

The location repeats but the story is different every time. This city feels like nothing like present day cities. No dirt or trees or plants. Very clean. No cars, the streets are only about one lane in most places. Tall buildings, some towers. This location is an urban center and gives me a movie like impression. Maybe like New York but new and undamaged. This time it was Christmas and I went to get a dinner and walked through an area I went through before in previous dreams. I walked down a particluar street, seeing it from a different position. The dream seemed very familiar but it wasnt till I awakened that I noticed it was a recurring location.

Also of note is that I am getting to remember my dreams easier when I do. It seems like the period of time where remembering them has gotten longer and more separated from the sleeping. Like theres more definition there.

This time I was listening to techno radio while going to sleep, no coffee.


I believe that most details in my dreams are associated with details in my waking life. The recurring part is a mystery, it seems though that the locations that repeat aren't being created by my central self, and whether that means there is a second part of my brain where my awareness doesn't exist that creates these locations or these things are being projected into my brain from outside of my body isn't easy to determine but I am definitely willing to consider that not all parts of my dreams are exclusively created within my brain. I think that neuro science has a long way to go before these facts can be confirmed or disproven, but in the meanwhile I am more than willing to offer my own dreams in a scientific manner to my best ability as data for those professionals seeking answers. So, I do my best here to make this as accurate as possible.

I keep notecards and an ink pen at my bedside for immediate use when I wake. Then I take shorthand notes starting with the earliest memory of the dream and try to hit all the points that will help me like a walkthrough and then I write it out directly on this message board, filling in the details, and that usually takes 10-30 minutes.