Broken Guitar


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In some sort of shop (maybe a guitar shop) with my father and possibly others (I don’t recall). Remember putting an acoustic guitar in between chairs out of the display area. The guitar was like a dark wood color, but it had no sound hole in the middle of guitar (just solid). I look at different acoustic guitars and I remember the price of one of them is 650.00. I remember seeing my father pushing an old table soccer game (foosball table). I am playing an acoustic guitar and I remember how difficult it was making chords on an acoustic vs an electric because of the string thickness.

I end up breaking the thickest string (6th string on guitar) and it wrapped around me like a guitar strap. I remember the string had an unraveled look, like the individual wires in the string had come apart, and the string needed to be replaced. I remember trying to tune the guitar even though the string was broken.

The scene sort of switches to a scene of a man and woman (unknown who they are). I remember something about the woman not being able to perform due to a broken guitar because another guy had broken the guitar (I am not sure if this was the same man that was with her, or it was in reference to me from the earlier scene.


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Short on time, so here is a brief account:

Your dream has to do with harmony/order or the lack of it. Not unlike appearing to lose our mojo for one reason or another at certain periods in our life. How to recover from that is a separate question, for which your dream gives no answer.
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