Dream interpretation request


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I had a dream last night that my father was there (he died about 20 years ago). I’ve had dreams about him before but he always looked like himself (the way I remembered him before he died) this time I began noticing things that were off.
There were physical aspects of him that made me realize in my dream that he wasn’t my dad. He had sigils as tattoos, he was athletically built, younger than my dad was, no facial hair, etc. All of this led me to panic and I told him, “you are not my dad” he tried to calm me down and kept asking why I would say that and when I explained people came and I swear they intended to hurt me. The man told me to run and was forced to the ground. I ran. A woman grabbed me by the back of the hair and I got free and ran again. Everything around me went from being solid to almost smoke, blurry and I just kept running. All of a sudden I was looking down at myself and saw my husband come into the room and climb back into bed. When I woke I could not move but I was in the same position I saw myself in and my husband was laying the same way I saw him get into bed and lay down. I couldn’t move. I don’t know how long exactly I laid there just waiting for my body to be able to move but it was scary. I just blinked and waited for my heart to stop racing but it was the craziest dream I’ve ever had (if I can even call it that). I’ve done research and I can’t seem to find meaning behind the events. To be honest I’m not even sure what I’m looking for but I can’t shake the dream or the feelings I have/had. Has anyone else had something like this happen.