Dream Time

When we don’t use an alarm clock we’re expressing a small bit of free will in leaving the dream world to wake up in bed at a certain time. In other words our circadian rhythm might not be fully deterministic where even if we generally wake up at a similar time we might still have a few minutes leeway for the exact moment we wake up. Likewise the faster we leave a dream to move onto the next dream reveals a sense of boredom in a way that could relate to free will.
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Techno music can combine informal singing with formal music beats a bit like a lucid dream:

Right Here Right Now - Fatboy Slim

Unlike the visions in the Matrix movie a lucid dream can often be slightly forgotten afterwards no matter how profound the lucid dream might have been simply because we can’t always be profound!
Clubbed to Death - Matrix Soundtrack
For last night’s dream I was playing mixed doubles only to be very sleepy during the match as if to poke fun at my idea that my tennis skills were unconsciously improving!
Perhaps one reason philosophy is a mystery is because evil people might have more free will than ethical people seeing as ethical people by definition try to reduce their free will to be evil. So to study free will scientifically we need to analyse not only our ability to be tempted by evil but also to study actual evil people and criminals as living experiments of their free will to reduce how evil they are. For example if I walked around with a gun then I might have extra free will to do good or bad but the limit is that I might not care enough about free will if either physically defending against evil or being addicted to the hedonism of evil becomes the overriding goal. So evil people might not care enough about lucid dreaming because their conscious mind is already evil where simulating evil in a dream simply isn’t as hedonistic as real life evil. Much like philosophy being obsessed about semantics so too can the definition of evil be very convoluted and vague. In other words evil people cannot agree on what the word evil actually means seeing as they commit evil against other evil people. Evil exists to oppose the ideal of ethics even though evil people would fail to be grateful to other evil people who victimise them in spite of it being done in the name of evil.
What is Love - Haddaway
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A religious version of a shared dream would be that dream characters of real friends also have the same dream as you but are simply more unconscious than you in the dream such that they forget it. For example a shared dream doesn’t have to be simultaneous.

“Mutual dreaming, or group dreaming, as portrayed in fiction is highly unlikely, although people often report experiences that seem like shared dreams, the most common being known as "meshing dreams". These dreams feature different individuals having separate dreams that share certain elements. For example, you and a friend might both dream of being stranded on a desert island after watching Lost together.” world of lucid dreaming