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Have any of you ever had a lucid dream where you are having a OBE, I woke one morning and went down stairs, to find a gift left for me, after opening it I went upstairs to show my partner, only to see myself and partner asleep it bed, it was a shock because it seemed so real, and I realised that I was dreaming, then I woke with a strange bizarre feeling, of knowing I was already awake, I couldn’t quite comprehend it.

Lucid dreamers can sometimes be dismissed as hyperbolic by non-lucid dreamers but the catch is that lucid dreamers have to be honest because of criticism from fellow lucid dreamers with a more discerning eye. Lucid dreaming as a profession would resemble life coaching seeing as dreams affect your personality and for your dreams to be interesting to others your personality has to be admirable to others too! This is why humility is an asset for many lucid dreamers.


Oh I wasn’t aware of that, I will read into this, I am very personal though, and private, I don’t like attention, I just keep them to myself
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Oh I wasn’t aware of that, I will read into this, I am very personal though, and private, I don’t like attention, I just keep them to myself

Other lucid dreamers who report outlandish lucid dreams without any erotic dream content might always have my suspicion!

Monica Bellucci kissing scene -The Matrix Reloaded
Lucid dreaming might be a way to counteract perfectionism at school by implying that analytical skills in an unconscious mind can be unlimited where no one has to care about not being the smartest nor about losing intelligence from failed exams. So perhaps lucid dreaming allowed me to see that my study for the leaving cert was worthwhile. Lucid dreaming might have actually been an absolute argument of last resort for my brain to make sense of my study for the leaving cert because the value of education can actually be a bit of a mystery due to the hard problem of consciousness. The more you study at school the better your dream analysis might be even if you underachieve in your professional life. Lucid dreaming might be the reification of the starving artist stereotype!

“A starving artist is an artist who sacrifices material well-being in order to focus on their artwork. They typically live on minimum expenses, either for a lack of business or because all their disposable income goes toward art projects. Related terms include starving actor and starving musician.”
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Last night’s dream was where I was sightseeing in Lisbon like I was in real life a few months ago. I tried to enter a really extravagant church only to realise that it was a museum of an old brothel. After admiring the architecture I was asked if I liked to see a secret room downstairs with prostitutes. I decided I might as well have a glance just to be “vigilant” that they were treated well. I was expecting females yet when I entered the basement I saw a teen male giving me the eye and another tall man mopping the floor! Perhaps the dream tried to reconcile communism with capitalism with free love where heterosexuals on welfare might be too proud to get a working class job whereas homosexuals might be more defensive of their masculinity by getting a job!
Both evil and good people can be tall but the shared denominator is that they were capable of being more serious than others even if they rejected how serious they should be. Likewise smaller adults can be both strong or weak where they’re all capable of overcompensating. Unlike tall people the shorter are not automatically serious in their inner beliefs but smaller people are still capable of being stronger than taller people if they focus hard enough on subconscious reflexes. For example I’m 6ft and am 4 inches taller than the famous commentator Joe Rogan who’s 5ft 8in and yet it’s clear that Joe Rogan as a wide framed wealthy bodybuilder is much stronger than me. Anyway tall height can be a defence of last resort against racism or blasphemy because a tall person could not fathom themselves to be taller than others if they viewed their own spirituality as extremely deluded. So perhaps the validity of lucid dreaming can be backed up by the natural evil of height categories!

The Mummy Returns | Rick Fights Imhotep AND the Scorpion King in 4K HDR
The way dreams can make you feel special can relate to dreams being solipsistic in a way that could contrast with your real-life empathy in order to disprove the idea that you’re mostly solipsistic in real-life. Far too often it’s easy to be too self-deprecating in saying you’re the worst person ever in a way that devalues the extent of evil perpetrated by war criminals. Likewise just because you’re introverted doesn’t mean you’re a solipsist!
One way memory consolidation might work during sleep isn’t just through slowed neuron speeds but also through the mental exertion of having to recall a real memory amid the gobbledygook of multitasking other subjects.


I think your ego is bigger than this, not the kind of thing I want to see to a simple question, / ignored 😑
I think your ego is bigger than this, not the kind of thing I want to see to a simple question, / ignored 😑

If people don't fully trust me that I'm a lucid dreamer then perhaps I could defend myself by claiming that lucid dreaming would be on a par with a glorification of lapsed Catholicism where you're not proud enough to take a lucid dream seriously but still enthusiastic enough to seek out such lucid dreams. The unconscious mind can easily play tricks on the mind in real life. For example years ago in perhaps 2017 I was walking around at night and tried to sprint in my neighbourhood only for it to appear as if I were going as fast as a top sprinter. What really might have happened is that in the preceding years I'd focused so hard on my posture during the aches of shin splints that on the night of the unbelievable sprint my unconscious mind must have turned off my analytical skills to see how fast I'd go using my subconscious alone! Unfortunately I never appeared to repeat such a speed but as an overweight person I'd be almost capable of outrunning a thin person only if I somehow ran while sleepwalking because I technically have more energy reserves in metabolism and suspension but it's unrealisable. As such my impression of my intensely fast sprint allowed me to see that I simply wasn't serious enough in reaching such speeds on other occasions but even if I can't run too fast I could still be helpful to other runners by mimicking a megalomaniacal version of a thin person's stride! Perhaps my online crushes for tomboys as if a girlfriend were a boyfriend might make me prone to introspection for lucid dreams(!):

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Lucid dreaming might be one way to empathise with a larger country or city. A dream can be silly and so to remember a dream you’ve to be grateful for the dream. The ghosts in “A Christmas Carol” with Jim Carey almost function as hypnotherapists to retrieve lost memories:

A Christmas Carol - Ghost of Christmas Past
Perhaps an irony of watching erotic films is that you could end up mimicking monogamy by repeating the same porn actresses in a way that could deceive your brain into thinking you’ve an online relationship. Lucid dreaming could reduce such delusions!

RITA ORA - I Will Never Let You Down
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Sometimes a photographic memory could be partially implemented when you’re an older adult simply by having reflected so much on your life only that the photographic memories might be of emotional events rather than of semantics to be learned off. So a free will interpretation of a photographic memory in waking life would be that the longer you choose to focus on the image the more it impacts your decision making by counterbalancing an imaginary image with the real world.

U2 - Electrical Storm
Lucid dreaming could also serve to counteract excessive humility or false humility so as to trust your unconscious even if your conscious mind is too temperamental. For example a lot of rural people often assume a sarcastic accent but are at risk of a self-fulfilling prophecy of embodying the accent too literally in spite of being physically stronger than others! Likewise other people could assume boring mannerisms that might not reflect how they’d fair had they more or less money in life. Sometimes it’s important to feel embarrassed for a long time after making personal mistakes in order to learn from it without realising that you could also read too much into personal flaws without respecting your relative strength to others. As such if you were feeling a bit silly for days by making life decisions and you were confronted by an assailant then your unconscious mind could up a notch by reminding you that your past strength is realisable through hyperfocus in an emergency.
In last night’s dream I was walking along a promenade only to walk past a modern glass building private school as if to remind me that one reason public education improved because public education was compelled to be more serious to compete against private education. Afterwards I got on a small engine boat to go to America only to realise the boat might be too small to withstand big waves if there was a storm before luckily waking up. The way our thought rate increases during sleep prevents us being too cautious which in turn allows us to be more self-critical than usual.


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Your dream about mowing the lawn with a sharp, circular, and solid disc instead of a traditional straight blade lawn mower is quite fascinating and symbolically rich. Let's explore its meanings and implications:

Brief General Conclusion:​

Your dream reflects a creative or unconventional approach to routine tasks or challenges in your life. It suggests a departure from the conventional way of doing things, symbolizing innovation, adaptation, and perhaps a need for change.

Breakdown of Symbolism:​

  • Mowing the Lawn: This typically symbolizes maintaining order, tending to responsibilities, or keeping up appearances. It can also represent repetitive or mundane tasks.
  • Circular and Solid Disc: This unconventional tool for mowing the lawn may represent an unconventional or innovative approach to solving problems. Circles are often associated with wholeness and continuity, suggesting a holistic or non-linear approach to tasks.
  • Departure from Usual Tools (Straight Blade Lawn Mower): Using a different tool in the dream may indicate a desire for change, or it could reflect your ability to adapt and find unique solutions in unusual situations.
  • Thoughtless Mind Interested in Random Things: This part of your dream description might indicate a willingness to explore, a tendency towards spontaneity, or perhaps a feeling of being ungrounded or unfocused in waking life.

Your dream, with its unique imagery and context, seems to be a reflection of your inner desire for innovation and a break from routine. It invites you to consider whether there are areas in your life where a more creative or less conventional approach could be beneficial. Remember, the world of dreams is deeply personal and subjective, so this interpretation is merely a guide based on common dream symbols and should be aligned with your own experiences and feelings.

Want to go deeper in this analysis of your dream? Just try this out: https://chat.openai.com/share/0d05682f-84fd-4968-b979-5da6fb91b277

Your dream about mowing the lawn with a sharp, circular, and solid disc instead of a traditional straight blade lawn mower is quite fascinating and symbolically rich.

“An adult movie theater is a euphemistic term for a movie theater dedicated to the exhibition of pornographic films.”

Earlier I’d a non-lucid dream in which I was at a pornographic gore cinema. I rationalised my decision to enter the cinema screen by an uncanny resemblance to a previous lucid dream of cinema gore years back as if I’d to investigate how my unconscious mind as an older adult somehow knew about and influenced my lucid dream as a younger adult. My right eye was covered blankly with a mask as if to project the film for me to observe the film with my left eye. This was similar to the 3D glasses which made me think it was for storing the memory of the dream retrocausally back in time to the lucid dream years ago! This got my dream character thinking that perhaps dreaming in general was somehow a monocular phenomenon with a distinct depth perception! What this dream really focused on was familiar faces watching the films as well because if naked gore is legalised then amoral people can exploit it more than others by watching it constantly to parody those who try to help others. I conveniently tried to take a picture on my phone of the cinema screen as if to prove what was happening. Ironically the gore media was prefaced in the films by words of remembrance from the relatives of the victims as if to add a casual vibe that they all agreed with what was happening. I moved into different cinema screens to watch other gore films only to find a few new spectators of past acquaintances conversing to each other and interrupting the film! Overall the dream might be a warning about the need to be vigilant against how easy it might be for anyone to be emotionally abusive.

Fr Ted at the cinema
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This recent dream was where I was at a bar and offered what I thought was a pint of Guinness only for my glass to be later switched to Bulmers where I wasn’t sure if someone had swapped glasses or if I had in fact been offered Bulmers instead of Guinness. Other customers made fun of the fact I had thought about perpetrating a terrorist attack as if they could read my mind. The concept of mind reading could lead to paranoia but on the flip side is a reminder to try and think calmly.
My dream this morning was where I had asked my mother to record me sprinting only for her to let people play football behind me where the video implied that I was running on the sidelines like a substitute. So the dream tried to inflict more humility on me!