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I’d a lucid dream last night where I was in a bedroom and was about to commence a paedophilic orgy with three child girls before I prayed my way out of the dream. For whatever reason the the lucid dream was interspersed with imagery from the Mummy 1999 movie as if to tempt me into evil. People who complain that the world is fully deterministic forget about lesser evils where someone’s potential for unlimited sexual evil might at the very least make you feel slightly less deterministic. Before the lucid dream ended my mind appeared to be floating inside my nostrils and seeing water droplets as if to imply that efficient breathing could be a lot easier if I converted to sexual evil!
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Years ago I’d a lucid dream of being in an underground Subway where a few individuals in the carriage were dying under mysterious circumstances. In the days after I couldn’t figure out the meaning of the lucid dream. Perhaps a subway in a megacity can symbolise amorality because it costs millions of dollars to build a tunnel but only thousands of dollars to build the subway train.
In this morning’s dream I was on a wheelchair hanging off an airplane’s wing during the flight landing. Perhaps the dream indicated that efficiency is limited for safety reasons no matter how fast the plane could lift off again for connecting flights!
In the first dream earlier I was actually eating a soaked book for pretty much no reason other than to imbue apathy for what was to come in the next dream. I was kayaking in a valley much like the Grand Canyon with my dad when a sequence of landslides ensued. The first landslide caused an enormous wave in the river where I tipped the top of the kayak underneath the water to lessen the impact with the wave behind me. We survived only for there to be a landslide of boulders without a water wave. We got out of the kayak and ran for cover in a junction of the valley towards a side-lane. Many people appeared to die in the original lane. I told my father to run to the very edge only for him to go out of sight where I couldn’t tell whether or not he survived. I could see rocks hurtling catapulting as fast as almost bullets where smaller ones broke the legs of other adventurers. One function of the dream might be for plain muscular strength where natural evil on such a colossal scale forces you to hyperfocus. Another function might be that natural evil like landslides can justify any economic or political policy like gun rights where any deaths pale in comparison to natural disasters only that it’d be an appeal to extremism.

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One way lucid dreaming might have occurred is as out of an evolutionary mismatch between our unconscious mind and technology. So anytime you watch a violent shoot-out in a movie it’s on a par with natural evil like earthquakes in the Stone Age. So dreaming of an earthquake would relate a shoot-out western movie to the same intensity of our prehistoric ancestry. Likewise extreme pornography like orgies could have related to royalty in ancient history. So over-indulging in erotic movies could see you punished in your dreams because you’re not as proud as you’d be implying!
An alternative function of lucid dreaming is to comprehend much stronger people. It’s often the case that people know others are multiple times stronger than them but couldn’t specify precisely how many multiples that is. For example I once played a really tall tennis opponent during my first time in Turkey years back where he served so fast that the ball almost skidded as if there wasn’t friction! So maybe had my landslide dream (#144) been an actual reality in my life then I’d be much better able to learn techniques from really tall servers! Far too often no matter how easy professional sport looks on TV our brains simply fail to fully absorb the skills on display. An evolutionary advantage of this theory might be how terrorists routinely underestimate the strength of the country they attack in a way that endangers the terrorist group to a heavy defeat.

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I’d two non-lucid dreams today. One was where I was heading to my local tennis club only to take a look across the river towards the bishop’s large house only to be mystified at mint coloured leaves on oak trees. Then I looked at other large trees and noticed yellow and red leaves. It looked surreal and emphasised how the pale remnants of green in autumn leaves can be ignored in the context of all the other dying leaf colours. In another dream I was playing soccer with my local group of friends only for my mind to pick up on how their larger physiques don’t make sense to me. So perhaps the mind-body problem can become too far removed from reality where the way people don’t make athletic sense to your physique implies that their minds also don’t make full sense either.
A potentially evil version of lucid dreaming would be if you were insomniac and tried to mime a prior lucid dream to make you more deterministic as you withstand further sleep deprivation.
In one of my last few dreams I was sliding prone down a steep muddy hill much as if I were abseiling down. At the bottom I’d to spit out a lot of mud from my mouth. Another time I was using the urinals in a bathroom only to realise on my way out that there were office employees working on files as if the bathrooms were cheaper to rent!
A caveat with multi-racial pornography is that a foreign country might have experienced evil in their history in a way that the individuals aren’t directly responsible for. For example American women aren’t culpable for nuclear warfare. As such misreading multi-racial porn as a glorification of evil might be punishable with lucid dreams(!):

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A dream last night was where I was making a tennis video and walking home afterwards only to stop in a bar with a strip club. I awoke from the dream slightly derealised as if to poke fun that my real life is eerily similar to an immoral dream!
An advantage of lucid dreaming would be as practice for identifying delusions such that specific real life delusions don’t even have to be in a lucid dream for you to have the analytical skills to identify similar forms of mistaken thought patterns on awakening.
Exaggerating the perceived stress you felt in a past event only to forget what had caused the added stress is an example of a working backwards mechanism to compel you to figure out the causes of the initial stress.
Early this morning I awoke from a dream where I was getting a lift to a private airport deep in a secluded mountain valley. We skidded down steep dirt roads. Yet when we got to the small airport we couldn’t find a plane. Two naked black women were on a wooden raft nearby and started having sex with the other passengers. Yet the raft started floating and I hopped on. Soon the raft was flying through the sky as if by sex propulsion where the black women were accompanied by crocodiles as if they were swimming through the sky. Perhaps the dream was a parody of female rappers using snakes as violent sexual innuendo! It’s possible that the dream of a surreal flying raft much like a flying ship was intended as an extreme contrast to real life physics to prevent disorientation when I awoke.

Leonardo DiCaprio: “Never recreate places from your memory. Always imagine new places… Building a dream from your memory is the easiest way to lose your grasp on what’s real and what is a dream.”
Inception - Ariadne Learns How To Build Dreams
Elliot Page: “My question is what happens when you start messing with the physics of it all?”
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If lucid dreaming sounds unthinkable then it might be because most people might not be ethical to themselves whether or not they’re ethical to others. As such many people who don’t view themselves as good at their own worldview might not indulge in introspection on their own mind that they view as somehow immoral.

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I’d a dream earlier where I was trying to get a flight only for the airport to be full of fighter jets. As I walked away the fields of hay were set alight and the sky was ablaze. A grass fire is a natural version of the bombs on a fighter jet. I thought at first that a companion was stamping on cake only for me to see sparks landing on me. Maybe the dream downplayed the idea that dreams are defensive when so many people aren’t concerned about their own self-defence. A small country like Ireland doesn’t have many fighter jets where dreaming pales in comparison to the need to fund an airforce were the country at imminent risk of invasion.
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In post 155 where I mentioned about the private airport I failed to mention that there were English passengers with me in the car who mentioned that England will always be closer to America than to Ireland. For the sake of brevity I left it out of the post but on second thought it relates directly to my thinking on Northern Ireland and whether Ireland would be too isolated without England were Ireland just to be connected to mainland Europe. So my thinking of the Northern Irish Troubles must have energised my neurons somehow. Then the moral absurdity of England preferring Ireland over America would be on a par with the absurdity of crocodiles being pacified by observing a human sex orgy in the dream indicating that dreams can function to limit logical absurdism!
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A dream earlier had me phoning a local bus station to organise a ferry rescue of my relatives who had their cars surrounded by floodwater beside the sea. Yet the bus station worker replied that they were rich enough to afford the loss of their cars. The dream was very ordinary where dream logic doesn’t have to be too chaotic. One line of rhetorical thought is to be blasphemous not against religion or other ethical people but against your own ethics. If you constantly ponder whether you’re evil then you exceed self-criticism into a state of symbolic paranoia. For example threatening to torture smaller people until they grow taller, presenting rural people as being unnaturally rugged as if they were all in a conspiracy to intimidate urban people or threatening Japanese people as not being sincere enough to have all went down with the ship instead of surrendering to America in WW2, would each have related to nightmarish thoughtlines inciting a redemptive version of total evil by being too ridiculous! Hence lucid dreaming can be relatable to people who aren’t evil but easily simulate unrealisable forms of evil as form of analysis against anyone else concocting less amounts of evil.

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In last night’s dream activities I was being attacked at a home by one of my tennis doubles partners. I escaped outside to find that Sam and Frodo from the Lord of the Rings were kidnapped in a car with Frodo now dead from a throat wound. A real life very tall tennis coach from “Intuitive Tennis” was a passerby and helped to remove Sam and Frodo’s body from the car. They hid behind the boot when my tennis doubles attacker walked out from the front door of the house only to be captured and kicked by the “Intuitive Tennis” coach. Perhaps the dream is a limit on gun control in terms of close combat clubs or non-lethal projectiles where very tall unarmed people like the tennis coach are potentially capable of attacking a few smaller people without the very tall attacker being even slightly injured no matter how vigilant or self-sacrificing the smaller people would be in a fight. After all Frodo and Sam were small hobbits even though I didn’t pick up on it at the time. In the dream before I awoke I could just about move my leg but heard loud white noise like I were stunned by a flashbang grenade to reduce my dream memory only to awake soon after.
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Have any of you ever had a lucid dream where you are having a OBE, I woke one morning and went down stairs, to find a gift left for me, after opening it I went upstairs to show my partner, only to see myself and partner asleep it bed, it was a shock because it seemed so real, and I realised that I was dreaming, then I woke with a strange bizarre feeling, of knowing I was already awake, I couldn’t quite comprehend it.