Dreams that come true the next day?


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I've had some odd stuff happen in my life(real life not dreams) like listening to an obscure out of state folksinger on the radio then 6 months later the folk singer is dating my friend and we're all eating at red lobster. That wasn't a dream. That happened. Another thing is when I quit my job for the sake of my religion. 8 days later my next door neighbor who I've never spoken to is in my apartment giving me a job that pays twice as much and is 10 times as easy. I've been on a plane with gerald r ford when I was 3 years old. Not a dream that actually happened. But I've dreamt stuff that happens the next day. For example... I've dreamt about Robin williams. I walk out to find my parents watching Mrs doubt fire. I dream that my dad forgot to put a password on his iPod. I wake up and go look and sure enough... NO PASSWORD. I dream of seeing someone at church I don't usually see. Next morning there she is like clockwork. Just have to get it out there so that it doesn't drive me crazy thinking about it.