Reoccurring dream about a haunted house for 12 years.


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Had the same dream about the same haunted house for 12 years , there was a particular room in this house I had always refused to enter. After experiencing my first lucid dream about something else‘ i decided I would try to lucid dream about this house . Told self I’ve had enough of this dream I’m going too face whatever is in that room . It was wild , I stood on the street outside of this house looking in ,fully knowing I was in this dream again but this time I’m going in this room. Whatever was in that room that I was so frightened of / idk.
I stood outside the door an told self ,whatever is in there I am now going to face it, then told self whatever it is I’ve decided that it is not going too be bad. Entered the room…
their was indeed a spirit in there it was a female whom began speaking to me “she said I’ve been waiting for you for quite sometime “ I said I know . i asked why?
she said she’s only ever wanted me too see that there was noting too be scared of, an there wasn’t it was all peaceful. Super weird. Never ever had that dream again.
Kind of I guess. When I was 16 I went into a house with my brother in st Louis Missouri , where the real exorcist happened at a hospital down the st . Was only visiting the state ,am terrified of that movie Btw. My brother went too see this girl an left me in her room in the attic for like 20 mins. It was an A shaped structure . There were all kinds of posters etc. pentagrams etc. pertaining too the band slayer etc, whom in witch i actually like that band , anyways.….
I had gotten the weirdest/ most freaky feeling sitting in that room, there was something very dark I felt it an obviously it wasn’t jus about that band. It was something else , maybe my mind knowing the real exorcist happed near by etc. idk. I jus dashed out of the room told my brother I gotta go. That’s when the dream started happening .
I always felt there was a connection too that . What do you think??

Think you need to close a door, leave it shut, don't ever open it again, and walk as far away from it as you can.
Do you understand?
Perhaps listen to other genres of music.